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The TV Weekly #103: Top 10 Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Every year, the Super Bowl is the most watched television event of the year with at least 100 million people tuning in one Sunday every February. Why is it this way? Well, it comes down to two important elements. One,

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Who’s The Better Franchise? #15: New Girl Vs. Brooklyn Nine Nine

In continuing with our Reviewing Network Week To The Super Bowl, we continue with a look at two of the most influential and most well-known football film franchises….oh wait, there aren’t any football film franchises? Well, now what? Say, how

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My Take On… #80: What Makes For Good Post Super Bowl Programming?

Since the first Super Bowl on January 15, 1967, there’s always been a show that follows the Super Bowl. During the first Super Bowl, both CBS & NBC, that aired the Super Bowl in one of the rare times two

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Movies In My Collection #29: Super Bowl Edition

As we begin The Reviewing Network Week To The Super Bowl, we’re gonna recommend some great football movies and I have some underrated films that should also be given a look at. So, let’s start this celebration of great football

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What’s Wrong With This Trailer? #11: Endless Love

This is one trailer that I’ve been dying to talk about for a while now and seeing as how my last two attempts didn’t work out and that we don’t have any new bad trailers worthy of talking about, I’m finally

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Best Of The Week #18: Sacha Baron Cohen Possibly Joining ‘Wonderland’ Sequel, Voice Cast Announced For Captain Underpants, & Bill Cosby Returning To NBC

All right, everybody. It’s Monday, it’s whatever-the-hell-you’re-reading-this at, it’s time to party, it’s Best Of The Week. Let’s take a look back at some of the big movie and TV news and box office stories that have happened in the

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Talking Simpsons #10: Specs & The City

This week’s episode for discussion is Season 25, Episode 11, Specs & The City, written by Brian Kelley and directed by Lance Kramer. The episode starts off with a pre title sequence segment with the Fox Sports crew and Zooey

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