Talking Simpsons #310: It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge


It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge, the 21st episode of season 11 and the 247th episode, was first broadcasted on May 14, 2000 with a script by Larry Doyle & directed by Steven Dean Moore.

Otto dumps his fiancee, Becky (voiced by guest star Parker Posey), at the altar, leaving her to become the Simpsons’ latest houseguest, prompting Marge to go insane when Patty and Selma scare Marge with thoughts of Becky replacing Marge as a wife and mother. Meanwhile, Springfield Elementary gives Bart’s fourth grade class videocameras (after slashing geography out of the budget) and Bart sets out to create a movie.

Good god, season 11 ended on a pretty shitty note and this was a really lame episode. A lot of the problems with this episode comes from the same reason I hated Marge In Chains back in season four, because the whole episode has a purpose because of fucking speculation and rumors and that’s it. I mean, COME ON!!!! Common sense here, people.

Now don’t get me wrong, Parker Posey is a good actress and she does do a decent job in the role she’s given but for the love of god, everything about this episode could’ve easily been explained to Marge without her going insane and why does nobody say anything? Oh right, because we wouldn’t have an episode.

And that’s the only reason why this episode exists because they needed one more episode to round out a season even if it was sucky and that really is this episode, it just fucking sucks, it’s a pointless episode and has no reason to exist at all.

And yes, I know there’s one more episode before the season ends and let me tell you something, thankfully, this next episode ends the season on the right note.

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