Talking Simpsons #352: Tales From The Public Domain


Tales From The Public Domain, the 14th episode of season 13 and the 283rd overall, was first broadcasted on March 17, 2002 with a script by Andrew Kriesberg, Josh Lieb, and Matt Warburton and directed by Mike B. Anderson.

When Homer gets a notice from the library that he has a book of classic tales that is years overdue, he finds it on the shelf and reads three stories: The Odyssey (where Homer and his bar buddies try to get home after fighting the Trojans), Joan of Arc (where Lisa leads the French against the English with the help of God), and Hamlet (where Bart tries to kill Moe after Moe kills Homer in order to marry Marge).

This episode was mostly mediocre, none of the three stories are all that interesting to say the least, you do get some genuinely funny moments spattered across each mini episodeĀ but the novelty of the episode quickly wears off quickly when the jokes come few and far between especially in the last two shorts.

The episode even ends on a weak note with the characters dancing to the Ghostbusters theme…for no real reason…the episode just doesn’t work.

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3 comments on “Talking Simpsons #352: Tales From The Public Domain
  1. […] episode, they just had no way to end the episode while connecting it to the main plot, this is the second episode in a matter of a year that has done this and I don’t know why. Other than that, just an okay […]

  2. […] reference to Footloose I have ever seen, this makes the pointless Ghostbusters reference in Tales From The Public Domain look good by comparison in terms of how lazy they throw this reference […]

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