RNN: Walt Disney Animation Studios Officially Announces Wreck It Ralph 2


Source: Comic Book.com


Rich Moore came online in a live facebook broadcast Thursday, starting by thanking fans for the success of Zootopia. He then brought out his co-director Phil Johnston for a special announcement. Before they could make the announcement, though, John C. Reilly, who voiced Wreck-It Ralph in the movie, which the two of them co-wrote, came on screen wearing over-sized Ralph toy fists.

Wreck-it Ralph 2 is officially coming March 9, 2018.

While the stream unfortunately froze before additional information could be provided about the film, Disney also released a new teaser image that strongly implies Ralph (along with Penelope von Schweetz, also returning) will take a journey through the internet this time, instead of through videogames. The teaser shows analogs for websites like StubHub, Google, Amazon, Giphy, Buzzfeed, and more along with an image of both characters, Ralph and Penelope, happily flexing.

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