Talking Simpsons #393: Smart & Smarter


Smart & Smarter, the 13th episode of season 15 and the 326th overall, was first broadcasted on February 22, 2004 with a script by Carolyn Omine and directed by Steven Dean Moore.

When Maggie does better than Lisa on an IQ test, Lisa becomes so despondent over no longer being the smart one that she tries to change her identity.

This is an episode that was clearly written to give Simon Cowell a guest spot, seeing as how he contributed to Fox’s biggest success up to that point, American Idol, but after several lackluster episodes this season has given us, it’s a relief and a half to finally have an episode that I can definitely say is good.

We’re used to seeing sibling rivalry episodes between Bart and Lisa, hell, the last one was just that, but we’ve never truly gotten a sibling rivalry episode between Lisa and Maggie and it was cool to see that kind of rivalry take place between those two and it does lead to a lot of interesting and very funny circumstances that occur.

Maybe not a perfect episode as a whole but this episode certainly gave me more enjoyment than the last five episodes prior have done so if anything, that’s a given.

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