The Weekly Address #2: September 11th: 15 Years Later


Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks and like with most tragic events, the people who were living during that time will always remember where they were during that time.

And the reason I decided to hold off until today to talk about this mostly because I wanted to have something to talk about for the main story here so I figure why not talk about my personal story about September 11th because like everybody else, it kind of changed my life as a person as well.

On that Tuesday September 11th, 2001, I was a 12 year old in the beginning of my second year in middle school, and like most kids, I really didn’t care much about school, I would’ve rather stay at home all day watching cartoons or playing video games…I still had a working Super Nintendo back then. But I’ll never forget what exactly happened.

For the most part, the day started off as normal and nothing really off didn’t come into play until around lunchtime. They would usually let us go outside and hang out by the cafeteria doors next to the gym on most days and it was a beautiful day. But that day, nobody was letting anybody outside that day and you gotta remember, this was 2001, a good majority of the kids in our schools did not have cell phones or easily accessible internet access so we had no idea what was going on.

A lot of us kids didn’t realize it until our parents came to get us and take us home early and we then realized what had happened, not only did planes crash into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon but they had also crashed planes in Somerset, Pennsylvania. For those who don’t know, I live in Murrysville, PA, Somerset is an hour away from where I live so it was really close by where I lived.

Now, I really had no idea what was going on when I got home either. I just naturally assumed it was nothing horrendous going on so as soon as I got home, I literally went outside and rode my scooter that I had around. Again, 12 year old with no real idea of how the world worked and still learning about life.

Later on that day, once I actually was watching TV because all day long, the news was about these attacks so there was really nothing else that could be watched at that point, slowly but surely, I realized what had just happened, our country got attacked by terrorists…nothing like this had ever happened on that grand of a scale before. This was an event on the level of the Pearl Harbor attacks, on the level of the JFK assassination, this is an event that can and eventually would change the world.

What kind of changed my whole perception on life as a whole was watching all these people in New York working their asses off to find any sign of life and you just look at some of those striking images that eventually came out of that, it’s hard to not look at those and be proud of who you are and how great this country is and to realize that, “hey, there are actually a lot of good decent unselfish people in the world.”

The eeriest thing about today where I live, it was a gorgeous day, it was in the 70s and sunny, cool, and beautiful out. All like it was 15 years ago. That’s how weird it was, it was like that in 2012 too.

What got me to thinking about 9/11 again recently was when I watched the return of NFL Network’s The Timeline, one of my favorite shows from last year, and they did an episode on September 11th and how the NFL faced a difficult decision on whether or not to cancel the games for that week or let them go on.

It’s such a fascinating look at how the football world saw this event, especially the New York Jets and Giants, and the most interesting thing about 9/11 was the day before, there was a big Monday Night Football game between the New York Giants and the Denver Broncos that went late into the night with the Broncos beating the Giants 31 to 20.

What was interesting about that game was that the Giants’ plane returned to Newark Liberty International Airport only hours before 9/11 attacks commenced and also, according to The Timeline, the plane was boarding off as United 93, the plane that crashed in Somerset, was right next to the team.

It is a very interesting hour of seeing how both the Jets & Giants faced the troubles of trying to continue life after these horrendous attacks.

I even remember how hard it was for many people to decide whether or not it was okay to return to normalcy after what happened, most shows went off the air for a week or so, some for months, the Emmys that year got pushed back from September all the way to November hence did the Super Bowl which moved into early February.

The late night shows were the first to come back as David Letterman came back on a week later and it was the beginning of trying to get things back on track and Letterman ended that first show on such a brilliant statement:

And that was the beginning of trying to get things back to normalcy, other shows would follow in Letterman’s footsteps such as Saturday Night Live and South Park among many others and slowly but surely, the world suddenly returned to normalcy and it’s an event that everybody who truly loves this country and appreciates all that is good in the world will never forget.

You can never forget what happened 15 years ago. You can try to but no matter how hard you try, it ain’t gonna happen.

We can never forget what happened and for those of us who lived through these troubling times, it will be something that we will always remember as a dark day in our history.


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That wraps up this week’s Weekly Address and check back next week for another recap of the past week’s big movie and TV news stories.

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