TATM: Talkin’ About The Movies #233: 2000: The Year In Movies


This time around, we take a look at the year 2000 in movies, the best and worst movies that the first year of the then new millennium had to offer us. So, let’s start this off with the worst movies that 2000 had to offer:

10. The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas

I just talked about this during the Amblin 35th Anniversary month but yeah, this movie was really pointless, it lacks the acting and it lacks the comedy to keep it enjoyable.

9. Thomas & The Magic Railroad

For a movie about Thomas The Tank Engine, there’s a noticeable lack of Thomas The Tank Engine in his own damn movie. Really, watch this movie and tell me how many minutes Thomas is in this movie, it’s gotta be in the single digits.

8. 102 Dalmatians

Speaking of pointless sequels, there was no reason or need to make this movie. This movie does absolutely nothing to continue the story from the first film and it’s just a waste of time.

7. Dungeons & Dragons

One of the worst fantasy films ever…BUT with one of the funniest over the top performances ever by Jeremy Irons.

6. The Watcher

Co-star Keanu Reeves has stated that he was not interested in the script but was forced into doing the film when a friend forged his signature on a contract…that should tell you how bad this movie is. Another reason, this was dumped on Labor Day Weekend in 2000 and directed by somebody who has not directed a feature since.

5. The Cell

Behold, the reason why I hate Tarsem Singh, the man can not direct a film without being incredibly artsy or stupid…much like this film was.

4. The In-Crowd

Imagine if you took The O.C. and I Know What You Did Last Summer and made it even more stupider with nothing but whiny white people in the main cast, then you have this movie. It’s so boring, it lacks suspense, it lacks tension, it lacks a thread of a story, it’s a mess of a film.

3. Scream 3

The film where the Scream series goes off the rail in terms of stupidity and it also tries way too hard to be different than the first two films and it fails on those levels too.

2. Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

Another horror franchise that didn’t know what to do after the first film, they had to make a sequel because the first film was a success and they had nothing to work with…there’s nothing in this that has anything to do with the damn Blair Witch at all.

and the #1 worst movie of 2000 is…

Battlefield Earth

Need…I…say…more…by this point, you should all know how bad this crap is.

Those are the worst, now let’s take a look at the best films of 2000:

10. American Psycho

A stand out performance by Christian Bale and some of the most quotable lines ever makes this comedic psychological thriller brilliant.

9. Michael Jordan To The Max

A great documentary about one of the best, if not the best, NBA player of all time.

8. Chicken Run

Aardman’s first feature length film and certainly the best animated feature of the year by far.

7. Remember The Titans

One of the best sports movie ever with a commanding performance by Denzel Washington.

6. Unbreakable

Might as well be M. Night Shymalan’s best movie with Bruce Willis & Samuel L. Jackson giving their strongest performances.

5. O, Brother Where Art Thou?

An underrated Coen Brothers classic with George Clooney, John Turturro and Tim Blank Nelson working off each other well.

4. Erin Brokovich

A prime example of a performance being better than the actual movie itself, Roberts gave the best performance of her career with this movie and her performance is what makes the movie worth it. The story itself is your generic Cinderella story with no real twists and turns involved whatsoever. If you’re gonna watch this movie, watch it for Roberts’ performance alone.

3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

A visuaully stunning and well acted epic that introduced the world to director Ang Lee.

2. Almost Famous

The movie that introduced us to Kate Hudson and Billy Cruddup and another masterpiece of filmmaking from Cameron Crowe.

and the #1 best movie of 2000 is…

Cast Away

One of Tom Hanks’ best filmroles and proof that he and Robert Zemeckis are a creative force that’s not to be messed with.


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