Arrow & The Flash #53: Arrow #28: League Of Assassins / Legends Of Tomorrow #8: Night Of The Hawk


Night Of The Hawk is the eighth episode of Legends Of Tomorrow, first broadcasted on March 10, 2016 with a script by Sarah Nicole Jones & Cortney Norris and directed by Joe Dante.

The team arrives in Oregon, 1958 to investigate a series of murders tied to Savage. Infiltrating a mental institution, Sara discovers that Savage is a psychiatrist there under another name. Ray and Kendra pose as a married couple to investigate in the suburbs, but discover that Savage lives there as well. Elsewhere, Jefferson is attacked by humanoid bird-like creatures created by Savage from an Nth metal meteorite similar to the one that gave Kendra and Carter their powers. Jefferson is abducted by the local sheriff and delivered to Savage. The team decides to go after Savage at the institution, where he has already infected Jefferson with the Nth metal and transformed him into one of the creatures. Kendra fails to kill Savage, who escapes. The rest of the team manages to recapture Jefferson. Stein and Gideon create a serum that cures Jefferson and the other victims. Chronos then arrives and storms the ship, forcing the Waverider to quickly leave, stranding Ray, Sara, and Kendra in 1958.

Okay, nothing truly groundbreaking or exciting with this one but certainly not the worst episode they’ve done yet.

YES, I missed an episode of Arrow so here we go, League Of Assassins, the REAL 28th episode of Arrow, first broadcasted on November 6, 2013 with a script by Jake Coburn & Drew Z. Greenberg and directed by Wendey Stanzler.

Sara and Oliver are attacked at by a man dressed like Malcolm Merlyn. Sara reveals that the man, Al-Owal, is a member of the League of Assassins, which Malcolm is revealed to have been a member of, and is targeting her for leaving. Al-Owal threatens to kill her family. Oliver manages to protect Laurel, but Quentin refuses to heed Felicity’s warning. To protect him, Sara reveals herself to him and brings him to her hideout in a clock tower. Together with Oliver, they manage to stop another attack, with Sara killing Al-Owal and sending a warning to Ra’s. Afterwards, she decides to leave Starling City to keep her family safe, entrusting her secret to Quentin. Thea and Oliver tell Moira that her secrets will not make them leave her. She agrees to fight death penalty. Laurel is revealed no to have a drinking problem. In flashbacks, after being left adrift from the Queen’s Gambit wreckage, Sara is rescued and brought aboard the Amazo, where she meets Dr. Anthony Ivo, who asks her to help him with his experiments to what he believes to be saving humanity. Later, she starts beating Oliver in Amazo.

A good episode, good action, good acting, a good story to work around with.

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