RNN: Every Simpsons Ever Returning to FXX This Thanksgiving


Source: Deadline Hollywood

Homer Simpson The Simpsons

Get ready to spend days locked in your rooms. Two years after the huge success FXX had with its 12-day TV marathon event Every. Simpsons. Ever., the network plans to do it again with an even longer version. Every. Simpsons. Ever. (Part 2!), a 13-day marathon (take that, 2014) will kick off on Thanksgiving Day at 12:00 PM EST and last until midnight on December 6. In between, well the title says it all, literally every episode of the long-running series, including the several dozen aired on Fox since Fall, 2014, will air in chronological order, nonstop, for nearly two weeks.

Every. Simpsons. Ever. (Part 2!) will end up being the longest TV marathon in history, beating the record set by the original Every. Simpsons. Ever. that rung in the debut of the cartoon comedy on the network and helped put FXX on the map. The first day of that marathon by the way netted the then-year old channel it’s highest ever ratings and the hits just kept on coming as each subsequent day continued to bring in high viewership.

Meanwhile, the record 28th season of The Simpsons season will debut on Fox September 25th at 8:00 PM ET/PT, with Amy Schumer as the featured guest-voice.

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