Talking Simpsons #397: My Big Fat Geek Wedding


My Big Fat Geek Wedding, the 17th episode of season 15 and the 330th overall, was first broadcasted on April 18, 2004 with a script by Kevin Curran and directed by Mark Kirkland.

After hearing that Skinner is getting cold feet about their wedding, Edna leaves Skinner at the altar and, after sending back one marriage gift, hooks up with Comic Book Guy. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge have an argument about if their marriage is still solid or not. The story is essentially a follow up to Special Edna.

Series creator Matt Groening guest starred in this episode as himself, one of the few times he’s done that and he was one of the highlights of this episode. Other than that, this is yet another episode that doesn’t really go anywhere, the Edna/Seymour relationship started off so strong back in the past but by this point, it’s like there is nothing there. They really don’t have anything in the main story to offer up to push it over the edge and be enjoyable and there’s just nothing there.

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