Talking Simpsons #398: Catch ‘Em If You Can


Catch ‘Em If You Can, the 18th episode of season 15 and the 331st overall, was first broadcasted on April 25, 2004 with a script by Ian Maxtone-Graham and directed by Matthew Nastuk.

After a ruined movie night, thanks to Bart and Lisa, Homer and Marge take a vacation away from them, but decide to go to Miami instead of going to see an uncle. When Bart and Lisa catch wind of their parents’ secret plan, Bart steals Rod’s credit card (just like Homer stole Ned’s) and go after them.

Once again, one of the few solid episodes from a lackluster season. It was a great episode that did a good job of giving the family a good story to work off of, the Catch Me If You Can parody is one of the show’s best parodies:

Where was this for the rest of the season? Why couldn’t the rest of this season be as strong as this episode was? I mean, what happened? It’s like when they made the full switch over to digital animation, they thought that good stories and good jokes didn’t matter anymore as long as the animation was ahead of its’ time.

This is one of those episodes that returned the series back to its’ former glory for a half hour, very funny, very well told storywise, great animation, great parodies, it’s a great, great episode, one of the rare hits for this struggling season.

And with that, I need a break, thank god I’m gonna be on vacation in Orlando next week so I won’t be back until October 2…wait a minute, that’s right, next month’s October, you know what that means….TREEHOUSE OF HORROR MONTH….FOR THE LAST TIME!!!!

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