Talking Simpsons #400: Treehouse Of Horror XX


It’s October, you know what that means….TREEHOUSE OF HORROR MONTH!!!!!

This is the last one, we’ve only got a few more Treehouse Of Horror episodes so let’s begin with Treehouse Of Horror XX:


First broadcasted on October 18, 2009 with a script by Daniel Chun and directed by Mike B. Anderson and Matthew Schofield.

Dial “M” for Murder or Press “#” to Return to Main Menu – In this homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense/murder mysteries, Lisa teams up with Bart to get revenge on their teachers after Ms. Hoover sends Lisa to detention, but the plan goes awry when Bart kills Ms. Hoover and wants Lisa to murder Mrs. Krabappel.

Don’t Have a Cow, Mankind – In this send-up of such dystopian apocalypse horror films as 28 Days Later and Children of Men, Krusty the Clown introduces a new hamburger that zombifies the entire town — except for Bart, whose natural immunity to the burger becomes the key to stopping the zombie attacks.

There’s No Business Like Moe Business – In this parody of the musical, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Moe creates a new beer that becomes a sensation — thanks to Homer being impaled on the microbrew machine and bleeding into the beer supply.

I like the first two stories a lot, the Alfred Hitchcock homage was perfectly handled and it has an excellent payoff at the end. The zombie apocalypse one was also really good too, I like how they got all the elements of 28 Days Later, Children Of Men, there’s even bits of Mad Max, I Am Legend, (and even Zombieland, which was just coming out at the time), thrown in there too and there was a ton of funny moments all throughout the segment.

The only story that didn’t come together was the last one, it was suppose to be a parody of Sweeney Todd but there was nothing about that part that makes me think, “oh, this is clearly a Treehouse Of Horror segment.” It just never came across as that and it was just boring too, there wasn’t anything about that made it stand out as a Halloween segment like in past years.

So, yeah, that last one is the one that hurts this one the most BUT that doesn’t take away from the other two segments being extremely funny as hell so enjoy those ones as they are.

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