Talking Simpsons #401: Treehouse Of Horror XXI


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Treehouse Of Horror XXI, the 4th episode of season 22 and the 468th overall, was first broadcasted on November 7, 2010 with a script by Joel H. Cohen and directed by Bob Anderson.

In the 21st Treehouse of Horror episode, Bart and Milhouse get trapped inside a cursed board game in “War and Pieces”, Homer and Marge suspect a castaway of being a murderer in “Master and Cadaver”, and Lisa falls for a preteen of the night in “Tweenlight”.

The first segment, which is essentially a Jumanji parody is probably my overall favorite of the three, I just love how creative they got with the whole board game concept throughout the segment.

Master & Cadaver is easily the weakest of the three mostly because like with the third act of the last one, it didn’t feel like a Halloween short by any means and it just doesn’t lead to anything entertaining or exciting.

The Twilight parody brings the episode back up a notch, it was a fun parody, I really liked how they nailed the setting of this storyline even with the whole grey and bleak feel of Springfield in that segment. Also, I thought Daniel Radcliffe’s cameo was very amusing here.

Overall, another good episode with one segment that didn’t work but luckily it was sandwiched in the middle so that you didn’t feel like your time has been wasted….that is unlike the next episode, which I will easily say is the absolute worst of the Treehouse Or Horror episodes but we’ll get to that next week.

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