TV Showcase #90: Veep #7: Full Disclosure


Full Disclosure, the seventh episode of Veep, was first broadcasted on June 3, 2012 with a script by Roger Drew & Ian Martin and a teleply by Drew, Martin and Armando Iannucci and directed by Christopher Morris.

With the Veep and her staff taking flack over a pregnancy rumor and the firing of the Smiling Secret Service Agent, Selina, who had a miscarriage, orders a ‘partial’ full disclosure of all office correspondence. Later, Selina dispatches Dan to make sure the Macauley Amendment (i.e. the toxic Clean Jobs bill) cannot be traced back to her. And with the perception growing that her office is increasingly nonfunctioning, Selina threatens to fire a key staffer. Also Ted and Selina break up via Gary.

Another really solid episode, couple of really good laughs but the overall enjoyment of this episode comes from the way this story is presented, the story works incredibly well here.

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