More To Say #6: Remember Me

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A romantic drama set in New York City during the summer of 2001, where Tyler (Robert Pattinson), a rebellious young man, meets Ally (Emilie De Ravin) through a twist of fate. Her spirit helps him heal after a family tragedy, though soon the circumstances that brought them together threaten to tear them apart.

A lot of the reasons why this movie is so bad is not all the way around, the overall movie itself is pretty generic and bland.

Robert Pattinson once again proves that he has no acting chops or charisma whatsoever as he sleepwalks through yet another performance where he gets by off his good looks and that’s it, I swear to god, this dude is worse than a plank of wood, he should be up there with Henry Cavill in terms of actors with no acting chops whatsoever.

The other actors in this aren’t anywhere near as bad and do work with the material given to them but there’s so many better projects these people could be attached to.

The overall script has your typical melodramatic drama that you’d see in a Lifetime movie, only worse. And the overall direction is just not that good either.

But let’s just get to the knitty gritty about why this movie is as bad as this is, this movie has, without a doubt, the absolute worst ending ever for any movie ever. Get this, the father of Tyler, played by Pierce Brosnan, drops Caroline, Tyler’s younger sister, off at school, she sits in her classroom, where the teacher writes the date on the blackboard as September 11, 2001. Tyler looks out the window of his father’s office—which is revealed to be located on the 101st floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Once the 9/11 terrorist attacks begin, the rest of the family, Aidan and Ally look at the towers before the camera pans over the rubble, showing Tyler’s diary. In a voice-over of his diary, Tyler reveals to Michael that he loves him, and he forgives him for killing himself. Tyler is buried next to Michael.

Some time later, Caroline and Charles seem to have a healthy father-daughter relationship. Aidan, who has since gotten a tattoo of Tyler’s name on his arm, is working hard in school and Ally gets on the subway at the same spot where her mother was killed.

I’m sorry, but no….HELL NO!!!! You do not use such a tragic event like September 11th for not one but two cheap emotional ploys. I mean, mother of god, this movie is so lazy that it has to resort to using such a horrendous moment in our country’s history as a manipulative emotional ploy, fuck that shit. This is why this movie fails so miserably because it ends on the most heinous and most disheartening way to get an emotional impact out of you, a good story should never have to rely on such a tragic day in our history to get something out of you, the story itself should do that. That just means the scriptwriter had no intention on ending this on a good enough note and just did it because they got lazy or the studio forced them to do it, which let’s be honest, it’s Summit Entertainment, if you’ve seen any of the shitty movies they’ve put out this year, that’s probably what happened.

But yeah, that’s the reason why Remember Me is such a bad movie, the first 3 quarters of this movie is just lame but it’s that final act that just destroys any hope this movie has because it relies on using an historical moment in history as a cheap emotional ploy, it’s one of the worst movies of this decade by far.

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