Talking Simpsons #404: Treehouse Of Horror XXIII


Treehouse Of Horror XXIII, the 2nd episode of season 24 and the 510th episode aired, was first broadcasted on October 7, 2012 with a script by David Mandel & Brian Kelley and directed by Steven Dean Moore.

Treehouse of Horror XXIII.jpg

This year’s Halloween special:
-An intro showing a botched Mayan sacrifice in the past causing the end of the world in 2012.
The Greatest Story Ever Holed: Professor Frink’s Subatomic Supercollider releases a black hole that Lisa takes in as a pet – and the hole ends up sucking up all matter thanks to everyone using it as a waste disposal unit.
Unnormal Activity: In this parody of the Paranormal Activity movies, a collection of video clips shows demonic activity in the Simpsons’ house late at night – which may have something to do with Marge’s deal with the Devil she made years ago.
Bart & Homer’s Excellent Adventure: In this light Back to the Future, Back to the Future Part II, Back to the Future Part III parody, Bart steals Professor Frink’s time-traveling car and heads to 1974 so he can buy a Radioactive Man comic at cover price (25 cents instead of the present-day price of $200), but his visit into the past alters the future and leads Marge to marry her first prom date, Artie Ziff.

Unlike the previous year’s abysmal Treehouse Of Horror episode, this episode completely does a 360 and instead of none of the main segments working, all of the segments here work. Each one of them are uniquely funny on their own merits and they show why we look forward to these episodes every October.

The 2012 parody was great, the black hole storyline was great, the Paranormal Activity parody was really good, and the time traveling storyline was also really solid, each with great animation, great jokes, and everything about this just works. It’s the return to form the Treehouse Of Horror episodes needed to recover from that horrendous episode last year.

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