My Take On… #209: Who Should Host This Year’s Academy Awards?


Over the last few years, I’ve done this thing where I take a look at all the possible choices to host this year’s Academy Awards, in 2013 I did it, in 2014 I did it and accurately predicted that Neil Patrick Harris would get the Oscar hosting job and 2015, unfortunately, I didn’t get to do a post.

However, this year, it’s taking much longer to get the Oscar team together, they don’t even have a producer set up for the ceremony yet let alone have any real ideas on who will be hosting so, we’re still a long way from finding out who will be the host for the Oscars as long as they can’t find a producer.

But until then, that gives us time to talk about the people who should be considered for this year’s Oscars ceremonies. There’s many good talented people who still have yet to host this year’s Oscar ceremonies that should be considered that I’m going to talk about here, starting with who should obviously be one of the first choices:

Jimmy Kimmel — Here you have somebody who has developed one of the strongest repertoires with celebrities over the years and with a critically acclaimed hosting gig at this year’s Emmys, I would not be surprised at all if Kimmel is ABC’s first choice to host the Oscars, which he should absolutely should be, the man is actually really funny as this year’s Emmys gig showed.

Kevin Hart — Another celebrity who has a really good repertoire with celebrities and has proven with his many successful years as a stand up comedian, he can handle an audience on the caliber of the Oscars.

Stephen ColbertWith Jon Stewart being very good as the host of the Oscars twice already, maybe consider letting Stephen Colbert host the ceremony this year, I think that he would have a really good chance of nailing the hosting gig.

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler — Proving how great they were as the hosts for the Golden Globes, Fey & Poehler seem like the perfect pairing to bring that great energy they brought to the Globes over to the Academy Awards.

Ricky Gervais — Speaking of hosts who have done the Golden Globes, why has nobody ever considered Ricky Gervais to host the Oscars? Maybe because the last time he hosted wasn’t as well received as the previous three times he hosted so maybe that’s the reason.

Eddie Murphy — He was attached to host the show in 2012 but then he dropped out with producer Brett Ratner. I still think he should still get a shot to host the Oscars to resurrect his career.

Steve Harvey — He’s somebody who has proven his worth as host with Family Feud, it’d be interesting to see what Harvey could bring as host of the Oscars.

Those are some of the people who have yet to host the Oscars and who should definitely have that chance to do so. Now, there are also some people who have hosted in the past who should have another hosting shot:

Neil Patrick Harris — The biggest problem wasn’t Patrick Harris when he hosted, I thought he did a good enough job, the problem with his show was that they threw pointless running gags in there that were just written to just be parodies that didn’t come together. I think with Harris at the hosting gig again and a better writing staff, he could do a great job hosting the show this year.

Chris Rock — Rock was really funny at the monologue for last year’s Oscars and he did an overall great job as host of this year’s show, there were those jokes that didn’t work but getting rid of them for the next time around and Rock has the potential to be a great recurring host every couple of years.

Jon Stewart — Now that Stewart is no longer doing The Daily Show, it might be time to finally let Stewart return to the hosting job, it’d be a nice return to form to what he brought to the 2006 and 2008 shows.

Seth MacFarlene — Regardless of how you felt about the 2013 show, Seth MacFarlene proved that he has the capability to be an excellent Oscars host and he proved his worth, I think he should return to host the show at some point in the future.

Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin — A very slim chance of this ever happening but I want to see Martin & Baldwin return as hosts for the Oscars, they both were extremely funny during the 2010 show and it’d be nice to see them return as hosts for the Oscars hopefully this year.

So, those are my people that I’d pick for hosting the Oscars but again, we won’t really know what direction they will take this year until we get a producer set up and seeing as how it’s taking longer than usual, we may not find out for a while.

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