TV Showcase #91: Mad Men #23: The Inheritance


The Inheritance, the 10th episode of season two and the 23rd episode, was first broadcasted on October 5, 2008 with a script by Lisa Albert & Marti Noxon and Matthew Weiner and directed by Andrew Bernstein.

Despite Don and Betty’s separation, they take a trip together to visit Betty’s father, who has had a stroke and is in the early stages of dementia. Although the two share an intimate encounter in her father’s house, Betty tells Don they are still separated when the trip is over. Pete, who is unable to conceive a child with Trudy and is looking to adopt, runs into resistance from his mother, who does not want someone not of their bloodline as part of the family.

What’s great about this episode is that we get to delve more into Don & Betty’s relationship even after they’ve separated and the complexities of their relationship during this trip and how they will handle it in the future.

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