Talking Simpsons #408: Trust But Clarify


Trust But Clarify, the 5th episode of season 28 and the 601st overall, was written by Harry Shearer and directed by Michael Polcino.

Bart and Lisa investigate Krusty’s new “Krustaceans” candy, while Homer asks Marge to help him dress for a promotion at the nuclear plant and Kent Brockman deals with the changing media world.

In a way, this is pretty much a simple retread of You Kent Always Get What You Want in which Kent loses his job because he swears on TV and for the most part, there are some elements from that episode but I’ll give the episode credit for steering away from the similarities to give us a very interesting look at how social media nowadays has changed the course of making news.

There are a lot of really solid jokes throughout the episode and honestly, not including the Treehouse Of Horror episode, this is easily the best episode of the season so far solely because Harry Shearer’s script really does come through here knowing that the whole episode is centered around one of his characters, he does a good job getting out a good three act structure that doesn’t feel forced or filled with lackluster material, this is a really sold strong episode.

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