The Magical World Of Disney #58: Frozen


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Frozen is a 2013 American 3D computer-animated musical fantasy comedy-drama film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It is the 53rd Disney animated feature film. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow Queen, the film tells the story of a fearless princess who sets off on an epic journey alongside a rugged iceman, his loyal pet reindeer, and a naïve snowman to find her estranged sister, whose icy powers have inadvertently trapped the kingdom in eternal winter.

Frozen underwent several story treatments for years before being commissioned in 2011, with a screenplay written by Jennifer Lee, and both Chris Buck and Lee serving as directors. It features the voices of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad and Santino Fontana. Christophe Beck, who had worked on Disney’s award-winning short Paperman (2012), was hired to compose the film’s orchestral score, while husband-and-wife songwriting team Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez wrote the songs.

Frozen premiered at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California, on November 19, 2013, and went into general theatrical release on November 27. It was met with strongly positive reviews from critics and audiences, with some film critics considering Frozen to be the best Disney animated feature film since the studio’s renaissance era. The film was also a massive commercial success; it accumulated nearly $1.3 billion in worldwide box office revenue, $400 million of which was earned in the United States and Canada and $247 million of which was earned in Japan. It ranks as the highest-grossing animated film of all time, the third-highest-grossing original film of all time, the ninth-highest-grossing film of all time, the highest-grossing film of 2013, and the third-highest-grossing film in Japan. With over 18 million home media sales in 2014, it became the best-selling film of the year in the United States. By January 2015, Frozen had become the all-time best-selling Blu-ray Disc in the United States.

Frozen won two Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song (“Let It Go”), the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film, the BAFTA Award for Best Animated Film, five Annie Awards (including Best Animated Feature), two Grammy Awards for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media and Best Song Written for Visual Media (“Let It Go”), and two Critics’ Choice Movie Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song (“Let It Go”).

An animated short sequel, Frozen Fever, premiered on March 13, 2015, with Disney’s Cinderella. On March 12, 2015, a feature-length sequel was announced, with Buck and Lee returning as directors and Peter Del Vecho returning as producer. A release date has not been disclosed.

Loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow Queen, and featuring the voices of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, and Santino Fontana, the film tells the story of a fearless princess who sets off on an epic journey alongside a rugged ice trader, his loyal reindeer, and a hapless snowman to find her estranged sister, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter.

Let’s not even waste any more time because this movie is absolutely incredible on so many levels, it’s not only the best animated movie released this year but it’s also one of the best movies of this year.

Everything they’ve said about this being more in line with Disney’s classic movies of the 80s and 90s like The Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King are really true. This is such an enjoyable movie that breaks new grounds like the old Disney movies of the 90s did.

There’s so much that’s great about this movie so let’s just simplify it to the key parts of what makes a good movie.

First off, the characters are all well done. You really like all these characters that are in the movie. Anna and Elsa are great characters and it’s nice to finally see a Disney movie that doesn’t portray a queen as pure evil. I really loved these two characters because they are the typical Disney princess characters and yet, they are uniquely aware of the stereotypes of all Disney films such as the great bit about marrying somebody you met that day on that day or Kristoff’s great bit about how men act, also loved how at the end of the film there was a disclaimer that stated that Disney does not claim officially that Kristoff’s claims that men eat their boogers is true. I don’t know if that was meant to be a joke but if it was, bravo Disney.

Kristoff himself is a really good character as well are the two comic reliefs in Sven & Olaf and I also like Hans as a character, they kind of do the same thing they did with Gaston in Beauty & The Beast with him. I’m not going to spoil Hans’ true purpose in this movie but you can kind of figure it out here.

The voice actors are really good in this. Like with the older Disney movies, you can’t really tell who’s doing what voice, even with somebody like Kristen Bell in the lead role as Anna, I had no idea that it was her as the voice until the end. Idina Menzel is great as Elsa, Jonathan Groff is great as Kristoff, Josh Gad is great as Olaf, Santino Fontana was great as Hans, and Alan Tudyk was great as the Duke of Weselton, although I thought it was Malcolm McDowell doing the voice at first.

The story is very well done combining a mix of the classic Disney fairy tale and adding in new elements that make for some of the really great animated films that have come out in the last few years. It knows how to bring us both the old and the new and not resort to modern day jokes to play down to its’ audience.

The music in this is amazing, a majority of the songs in this are written by Kristin Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, who are best known for the great music in The Book Of Mormon and in one of Disney’s most underappreciated movies, Winnie The Pooh. They deliver really great music here again and I think if they can keep this up, the Lopezes could in the future be on the levels of Alan Menken & Howard Ashman or Tim Rice. Let It Go is by far the best number in the entire movie and it’s also beautifully animated as well.

Which leads to the next great thing about the movie, the animation. It’s that classic Disney animation modernized for the 3D computer animation world and perfected beautifully. Tangled was really good at it, Wreck It Ralph was close to perfecting it, and Frozen perfects it, it’s some of the best CG the studio has done in a Disney animated movie. Now when I say that, keep in mind that I think Disney shouldn’t stop with the 2D animated movies, I’m just saying that you should mix it up by doing a CG movie and then a 2D movie and not just skip over the 2D films.

If the movie has any flaw whatsoever, it’s that when they reveal the bad guy’s evil plan, it’s not really thought out at all and they don’t really tease it early on that that character would turn evil at all. Other than that, there really wasn’t any other flaws I had with this movie.

Frozen is a nearly perfect Disney animated movie, I won’t say it’s the best Disney cartoon since The Lion King because I still really love Lilo & Stitch, The Princess & The Frog, and Winnie The Pooh a lot but Frozen really does come close.

99% of everything with the film works really well, it’s well paced, the story is great, the animation is gorgeous, the characters are great, and it’s just Disney making their comeback stronger with every new movie that comes out.

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