Talking Simpsons #410: Top 20 Treehouse Of Horror Episodes, Part 3


Check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already, with that said, #10 – 6, come on down:

10. Attack Of The 50 Ft. Eyesores

An ionic storm brings Springfield’s oversized advertisements and billboards to life and they begin attacking the town.

Attack of The 50-Foot Eyesores is a lot of fun to watch with a great cameo by Paul Anka and some of the funniest moments of the Treehouse Of Horrors. The last line alone had me in stitches the first time I watched it.

9. Life’s A Glitch, Then You Die

After Homer forgets to make all the computers at the nuclear plant Y2K-compliant, the Y2K bug spreads to every computer and electronic device in the world, causing a technological apocalypse.

A brilliant satirical look at what a lot of us were thinking was going to happen if Y2k actually happened and does it in the same Simpsons style of satirical humor that it has become known for. And yet again, it ends on another one of the funniest death scenes ever.

8. King Homer

King Kong parody, Mr. Burns decides to hire Marge Bouvier to trap an ape beast who looks like Homer.

King Homer is a great homage to the King Kong films with a lot of great moments like this:

7. A Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace

In a parody of the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies, Groundskeeper Willie attacks schoolchildren in their sleep to get revenge on the parents who did not save him when he burned to death.

And Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace is another great funny and even thrilling short. I’ve actually heard some people say that they’ve been scared by what happens in the short, in fact, David S. Cohen said it was “one of the scariest segments they’ve ever done.” Personally, I never got scared by any of the stuff that was in it mostly because I know that this was meant to be a parody of the much scarier Elm Street films. I can understand somebody getting freaked out by the scenes where Martin is killed by Groundskeeper Willie and the scene Willie comes out of the sand as a saxophone monster but me personally, it never got to me.

Speaking of animation, the way Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace started and it looks like something out of a Looney Tunes cartoon, Fox must’ve hired some great animators because this is the first of two times that the animation teams they have successfully parodied the animation styles of Warner Bros, with this episode, and Disney, with Family Guy’s It’s A Wonderful Day For Pie segment from Back To The Multiverse 14 years later.

6. The Others

The Simpsons are haunted by their former selves from The Tracey Ullman Show in an homage to The Others.

The Others comes around and not only works as a great parody of the 2001 Nicole Kidman horror film but it works as a Simpsons crossover with the original Simpsons designs from The Tracey Ullman Show. The short does a great job of paying homage to the original shorts by mentioning ‘frosty chocolate milkshakes’ and even doing a good riff on the famous family portrait short.

Not to mention, the last bit where you see these incredible riffs on The Simpsons in different styles and formats…

Different styles including CG versions, characters based on Attack On Titan, One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach, and versions of The Simpsons done in Adventure Time, South Park, Archer, and even the minions from Despicable Me. They even bring back other versions from past shows such as from The Island Of Dr. Hibbert, the ones from the Diggs opening couch gag, and the LEGO Simpsons. All of them very well done and nicely animated too.

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