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Who’s The Better Franchise? #32: Rocky Vs. Creed

Last year, the Rocky franchise was revived in a new way with the release of Creed, a new spinoff of the franchise focusing on Apollo Creed’s son, played by Michael B. Jordan: Creed had a very difficult task to complete, pass

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RNN: Universal Studios Officially Announcing A Nintendo World In The Works For Theme Parks

Source: Inside The Magic There was some serious hype created when Universal Parks revealed that they would be partnering with video game juggernaut Nintendo to develop…something, in some form. We all wanted to know what they had cooking, and at long

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My Take On… #214: Why Lego Is Freaking Awesome

Sometimes it’s great to be nostalgic for different things, regardless of it being a movie, TV show, toys you used to play with, video games, many many things to appreciate from the past. And one of those things that has

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The Music Room #24: Top 10 Underrated Movie Songs

We know there are a ton of classic movie songs out there from films such as Titanic, all the James Bond films, all the Disney animated features, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Space Jam, The Bodyguard, The Wizard Of Oz, a

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The Weekly Address #12

SCHEDULED TOPICS FOR THE REVIEWING NETWORK POSTINGS THIS WEEK My Take On… — Why Lego Is Friggin’ Awesome Movies In My Collection — Quickie Reviews #13 Actors’ Spotlight — Kelsey Grammer Arrow & The Flash — Arrow: Invasion! / The

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TATM: Talkin’ About The Movies #240 / The Magical World Of Disney #63: Moana

That’s right, since the lone movie we’re looking at this week is Disney’s latest animated feature, I figure we cross the two posts over so this is a special TATM: Talkin’ About The Movies/The Magical World of Disney crossover post:

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Talking Simpsons #423: Midnight Rx

Midnight RX, the 6th episode of season 16 and the 341st overall, was first broadcasted on January 16, 2005 with a script by Marc Wilmore and directed by Nancy Kruse. Mr. Burns cancels the nuclear plant’s prescription pill plan, prompting

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