Movies In My Collection #162: In Defense Of… Bambi II


Welcome to another edition of In Defense Of…


So, anybody who has seen my stuff over the last few years knows that my all-time favorite movie is Bambi, I’ve gone on many times about why Bambi is my favorite movie of all time and I won’t go fully into it here.

Most people would agree that Bambi is one of Disney’s perennial classic animated films but a lot of people don’t feel the same way about its’ sequel (or midquel would be a better way to put it) that came 65 years after the original film’s release as one of the many Disney direct-to-video sequels, Bambi II:

Bambi II.jpg

Bambi II, also known as Bambi and the Great Prince of the Forest, is a 2006 American animated drama film directed by Brian Pimental and produced by DisneyToon Studios, that initially premiered in theaters in Argentina on January 26, 2006, before being released as a direct-to-video title in the United States on February 7, 2006. It holds the world record for the longest span of time between two consecutive installments of a franchise, being released 64 years after the original film came out in 1942.

Who would’ve ever guessed that a sequel to one of the greatest animated movies ever made would be the crowning achievement for Disney’s direct-to-video sequels?

The film takes place in the middle of Disney’s original Bambi, with the Great Prince of the Forest (voiced by Patrick Stewart) dealing with the now motherless Bambi (voiced by Finding Nemo’s Alexander Gould).

I’ve stated in the past that Bambi is my all-time favorite movie but the one thing I can say against the movie is the transition between the death of Bambi’s mother and it then cutting to a happy springtime setting. It ticks me off everytime I watch that movie.

This film perfectly bridges that gap and could’ve easily worked in the original film, it starts off right after Bambi’s mother dies and shows the aftermath of the event and by the end of the film, it ends on a much more positive note that would’ve been perfect to cut back into the original film.

Recently, I did what I told myself I would do for a while and watch the original Bambi, stopped it after Bambi’s mother dies (at around the 43 minute mark of the film), switched over to Bambi II, watched that, and once that film finished, went back to the original Bambi. And it blends together so much better when you do that.

On top of that, the animation in this is gorgeous, this would’ve worked for a theatrical release if Disney had the balls to do such a thing. The story works well, both Stewart & Gould work very well together, it runs at a good pace, it’s just a great, solid animated film that surprisingly beat my expectations the first time I watched it. If you want to see a surprisingly great sequel to one of Disney’s finest works, Bambi II definitely fits that bill and is the best Disney direct-to-video sequel by far.



Bambi II

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