The Talk About Nothing #95: The Beard


Wait a minute, you’re probably asking, why aren’t you talking about The Highlights Of 100 yet? Well, let’s just save that for the actual 100th posting of this because there’s a reason why it’s called The Highlights Of 100.

So, now we’re skipping ahead to the next episode, episode #102, The Beard, first broadcasted on February 9, 1995 with a script by Carol Leifer and directed by Andy Ackerman.

Elaine tries to convert a gay man. George discovers that the woman Kramer has set him up with is bald. Kramer begins standing in police lineups for $50 a lineup. Jerry begins to date a cop, but she wants him to take a lie detector test about Melrose Place.

A really funny as hell episode with some of the best funniest moments in the show’s history from watching Elaine snap at George over his wig to Jerry trying to hide his guilty pleasure love for Melrose Place…that kind of datestamps this episode, now doesn’t it?

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