Talking Simpsons #415: Bart Mangled Banner


Bart Mangled Banner is the 21st episode of season 15 and the 334th, first broadcasted on May 16, 2004 with a script by John Frink and directed by Steven Dean Moore.

Bart-Mangled Banner.png

After receiving an injection from Dr. Hibbert, Bart becomes temporarily deaf, which makes him impervious to being bullied, until he accidentally moons the American flag during a donkey basketball game, prompting everyone in town to accuse the Simpsons of being unpatriotic under the new “Government Knows Best” Act.

Well, this was a clustermuck of an episode now isn’t it. None of this story makes any sense, the jokes don’t work, the whole episode just feels like a mess, there’s no motivation or conflict that makes a lick of sense in this and by the time you’re done watching this episode, you really feel like you have no idea what just happened because the whole episode just doesn’t come together at all.

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