Talking Simpsons #417: Havana Wild Weekend


Havana Wild Weekend, the 7th episode of the season and the 603rd overall, was written by Deb Lacusta, Dan Castellenta, & Peter Tilden and directed by Bob Anderson.

The Simpsons go to Cuba to get Grampa cheap medical care, since the retirement home and the V.A. hospital can’t solve his health issues.

You would think an episode like this where The Simpsons see Cuba would lead to some really good ideas and situations and there is…for the most part…but overall, this is just a meh kind of episode. There’s not really a whole lot of laughs in this one, there’s a couple of chuckles here and there and the animation is once again nice but yeah, there’s just not a whole lot about this one that comes together as well as it should.

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