Arrow & The Flash #60: Arrow #99: Vigilante / The Flash #52: Shade


Shade, the 52nd episode of The Flash and the 6th episode of season three, was written by Emily Silver & David Kob and directed by JJ Makaro.

When Wally relates his recent dreams of being Kid Flash, Barry reveals what happened to him during “Flashpoint”. A metahuman H.R. nicknames “Shade” appears and murders a stockbroker. Caitlin reveals her powers to Cisco and has him “vibe” her to know her future. Cisco sees himself fighting Killer Frost, causing Caitlin to contemplate leaving for good. Alchemy begins summoning Wally to him, so the team locks him in the particle cells for safety. Meanwhile, Barry and the others stop Shade’s next attack and capture him using meta-dampening handcuffs. Cisco tells everyone the truth about Caitlin, and Barry privately confesses to her that her powers came from him creating “Flashpoint”. Wally volunteers to lead the team to Alchemy to capture the villain and stop the memories, which are causing physical damage to Wally. Barry, Joe and a S.W.A.T. team locate Alchemy and his followers and surround them. Another speedster, which only Barry can see, suddenly attacks them. As Barry fights it, Alchemy entices Wally to pick up his fallen energy weapon, which encases Wally in a crystal cocoon. Calling itself “Savitar”, the speedster overpowers Barry and prepares to stab him.

This episode really was too much, there’s too many things going on in this episode and nothing really gets explained well here and by the end of the episode, you really feel like you don’t get anything out of it, you feel like you’ve literally wasted a lot of your time with this episode. This honestly is the worst episode of the season so far.

Vigilante is the 99th episode of Arrow and the 7th of season five, written by Ben Sokolowski & Emilio Ortega Aldrich and directed by Gordon Verheul.

A new vigilante shows up in Star City, targeting bank robbers and killing them in cold blood. Quentin resigns as Deputy Mayor, telling Thea about the star he found, also revealing that he has recently had losses of consciousness. The team tracks the robbers and intercepts the vigilante, who escapes, as does Eric Dunn, the head of the robbers. Adrian forces one of the captives to reveal Dunn’s location and Oliver saves Dunn from the vigilante. The team poses as bank robbers to lure out the vigilante, who is overpowered by Oliver, but manages to escape before his identity is revealed. After convincing Quentin to go into rehabilitation, Thea tells Oliver about the former; and they deduce that Prometheus knows the Green Arrow’s identity. Evelyn is revealed to be working for Prometheus. Meanwhile, Oliver and Susan start getting closer. Rene arranges for John to secretly attend the birthday of his son, JJ, who was born instead of Sara Diggle because of Barry’s manipulation of the timeline. In flashbacks, Kovar introduces Oliver to his servant Galina, Taiana’s mother, telling him that he has reached a compromise with the Bratva.

Wow, this was a dull, dull episode, it’s like we’ve seen this story done over and over before hand and this episode did absolutely nothing different than the other times this story has done. Much like how The Flash’s new episode this week was the worst episode of the season so far, this episode of Arrow is the worst episode of the season so far.

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