Talking Simpsons #418: All’s Fair In Oven War


All’s Fair In Oven War, the 2nd episode of season 16 and the 337th episode overall, was first broadcasted on November 14, 2004 with a script by Matt Selman and directed by Mark Kirkland.

Marge resorts to sabotage as payback on the contestants who sabotaged her food entry for a cook-off. Meanwhile, Homer finds his old issues of Playdude in the ceiling, which Bart finds (after Marge cuts out all of the centerfolds and other nude photos) and uses as a guide on how to live the bachelor life.

It’s nice to watch Marge break the rules every once in a while and cheat her way to a victory and it leads to really solid moments in this episode, the Bart subplot also works really well too, there’s even a great guest turnout by James Caan is a hilarious homage to his character’s death scene in The Godfather. The whole episode overall is a really solid and enjoyable episode with a lot of funny moments, some nice animation and great homages.

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