The Following Preview… #65: Smurfs: The Lost Village & Cars 3


Sources: Sony Pictures Animation and Disney

Well with Moana coming out on Wednesday, it seems fair to have two new kids trailers be released to theaters and sure enough, today we saw the trailer premieres for Smurfs: The Lost Village and Cars 3 be released so let’s talk about both of them:

We start off with Smurfs: The Lost Village and boy, does it look like a radical improvement over those live-action movies…in that there is no live-action elements in this. Already, this makes this the best Smurfs movie to come out and it’s not even out yet.

The animation here looks really solid sticking with the tradition of the original animated series and the voice work is really solid, you’ve got Mandy Patakin, Joe Manganiello, Danny Pudi, Demi Lovato, Jack McBrayer, and Rainn Wilson all in the cast, there’s definitely a lot about this trailer to appreciate, it’s staying in check with the Smurfs, it just doesn’t do what the live-action films do, they aren’t doing the stupid fish out of water story anymore, they are using the power of animation to create this new impressive looking world, and they aren’t letting the Smurfs themselves be reduced to second bananas in their own movie. There’s definitely a vast improvement with this compared to those horrendous live-action films and if the movie can actually succeed and be good, there will definitely be new life for the Smurfs to come in the future.

Well, Smurfs was cute and now we have another Cars movie coming out, surely this will be just as kiddie friendly as the Smurfs is…











I mean, just….wow….that….that was pretty intense and…..dark…..uuuhhhhhh……

Yeah, when you think of a teaser for a third Cars movie, your first thing you shouldn’t be thinking of is watching Lightning McQueen crash into a wall and crash in slow motion. I mean, yeah that is pretty gritty.

But at the same time….it definitely peaks my interest for this movie a little more.

Let’s be honest, the main reason why a lot of people really hate the first two Cars movies was because they felt extremely too kiddieish compared to Pixar’s other movies they were making. At least, the first Cars managed to have somewhat of heartwarming elements to it to keep it in line with most Pixar films but then, Cars 2 was strictly a cashgrab with no heart or anything to push it over the edge.

But with this teaser, I’m definitely sensing a more deeper and darker tone here so maybe Pixar is finally realizing that “yes, this is too much pandering down to children, we need to get the adults in on this here.” Because let’s be honest, kids go nuts for Cars more than adults do, we adults can look at Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles and still admire them decades after their release but with Cars, we’re just like “meh.” So, yeah, maybe Pixar is taking the hint and realizing they’ve gotta appeal to more adults here.

What this teaser also suggest is that maybe now it’s time for the Cars series to tackle a side of car racing most kids films don’t want to talk about, coming back after a devastating and near fatal car crash because that happens way too often in professional racing, hell, one of the most notorious sports death of all time was when Dale Earnhardt died in the Dayton 500 in 2001.

So, it figures that at some point, Cars would tackle something as deep and heavy as this and who knows, it could bring a whole new element to this series that a lot of people weren’t expecting, like you have Lightning McQueen becoming essentially the Doc Hudson to the two new characters in this movie like Doc was to Lightning in the first movie.

But either way, this is still a pretty intense teaser for what started off as just simple kiddie fare. I know that there will be those social justice warriors out there who will take umbrage with this trailer for doing what it did to Lightning but you know what, we need more kids movies to take chances again. I’m tired of these kids movies nowadays playing it safe and you know what, if this trailer actually builds into the movie itself, Cars 3 could end up being that surprise threequel that actually does more than we ever thought it could.

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