TV Showcase #96: Halt & Catch Fire #4: Close To The Metal


Close To The Metal, the fourth episode of Halt & Catch Fire, was first broadcasted on June 22, 2014 with a script by Jonathan Lisco and directed by Johan Renck.

Just as Cameron nears completion of the BIOS code for the new PC, disaster strikes, and she loses all her data. Further complicating the situation, Joe has brought in a reporter from a major business periodical, and he witnesses the chaos with delight. Bosworth is summoned to a meeting by Nathan, who seems to think he might be losing control of the project to Joe. Gordon turns to Donna for help with recovering the lost BIOS code; however, Joe is reluctant to have her there, as she is an engineer for Texas Instruments. She proposes an ingenious technical solution for recovering the data, which eventually proves successful, recovering more than 90 percent of Cameron’s work. Later, a suspicious Donna confronts Joe in his office and accuses him of deliberately sabotaging Cameron’s work in an effort to generate some publicity for the project. Joe reaches into a desk drawer and produces the real backup disks, proving her correct. While driving home, Joe is pulled over by the police, savagely beaten and arrested for no apparent reason; however, when Bosworth bails him out, Joe realizes that it was a message to remind him that Bosworth was still in charge.

A really good episode, lots of tension, lots of good acting, really good story development, a really solid and enjoyable episode here.

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