My Take On… #214: Why Lego Is Freaking Awesome


Sometimes it’s great to be nostalgic for different things, regardless of it being a movie, TV show, toys you used to play with, video games, many many things to appreciate from the past. And one of those things that has definitely had a lasting impact over the years and has found new life is Lego:

File:LEGO logo.svg

Lego is a line of plastic construction toys that are manufactured by The Lego Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. The company’s flagship product, Lego, consists of colourful interlocking plastic bricks accompanying an array of gears, figurines called minifigures, and various other parts. Lego pieces can be assembled and connected in many ways, to construct objects; vehicles, buildings, and working robots. Anything constructed can then be taken apart again, and the pieces used to make other objects.

The Lego Group began manufacturing the interlocking toy bricks in 1949. Since then a global Lego subculture has developed. Supporting movies, games, competitions, and six Legoland amusement parks have been developed under the brand. As of July 2015, 600 billion Lego parts had been produced.

In February 2015, Lego replaced Ferrari as Brand Finance’s “world’s most powerful brand”.

So, really, what has happened over the years to cause Legos to go from beloved toys we played with as kids to a property that not only has held up for kids but adults have gotten back into them too.

A couple of things have caused this to happen:

First off, kids can still enjoy it for the creativity of what can be built with Legos, they still hold up with all the amazing and inventive things kids can create with Lego figures today.

Second, the properties Lego has the rights to. They have gotten the rights to produce toys based off of so many franchises and they know exactly how to use them nicely, especially with the biggest usage of these properties, which I’ll delve into a little later on.

Third, the Lego video games have certainly had a huge impact in reshaping the Lego franchise beginning all the way back in 2005 with the Lego Star Wars game and continuing with more games based off the Indiana Jones franchise, DC characters, Harry Potter, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Lord Of The Rings, Marvel characters, Jurassic Park, Avengers, these are all properties that it would be impossible to have in Lego form because of the rights tying up but somehow, Lego has found a way to get the rights to these characters for these games. And on top of that, the games are really good, the gameplay is addictive and fun but it’s also surprisingly funny too, the jokes these games throw in there are so silly and so stupid and it’s obvious the gamemakers are aware of this and a lot of them are funny.

Fourth, The Lego Movie really put the Lego franchise into a whole new level of peak interest, not only was the movie really good, brilliantly animated, and extremely funny but it helped to give the Lego franchise a new peak and helped to give Warner Bros. a new franchise to create. Now, we’ve got The Lego Batman Movie, which looks just as good as The Lego Movie, coming up as well as The Lego Ninjago Movie, a Lego Movie sequel, and a Lego spinoff in The Billion Brick Race. It’s finally a franchise that WB has not screwed over and taken control of.

Lastly, the thing that has made Lego reach a new level of excellency is Lego Dimensions, the game that not only takes almost every one of the franchises that I talked about before but they got the rights to franchises such as The Simpsons, Back To The Future, Ghostbusters, Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them, Portal, Doctor Who, Scooby Doo, Midway Arcade, Adventure Time, Gremlins, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Mission: Impossible, Sonic The Hedgehog, The A-Team, Knight Rider, Beetlejuice, The Goonies, The Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, The Flash, Red Dwarf, so many beloved franchises all together in one game and the open world aspect of the game is so good. You can have a game where you can have Homer Simpson, Batman, Marty McFly, Emmett, Gizmo, and Sonic The Hedgehog on screen and it looks incredible.

To me, the Lego Dimensions games kick the crap out of Disney Infinity and Skylanders, it also helps that once you buy the Lego Dimensions starter pack, you can buy every figure that comes out in the future and it will be compatible with the original set. It saves you the hassle of spending $100 on a new starter pack every year and that unfortunately led to the demise of the Disney Infinity sets but with Lego Dimensions, you pay for the starter pack and then you can just buy the packs from that point on.

So, really, Lego has completely redefined itself over the years where not only kids can enjoy it but adults can find new appreciation through different ways of the Lego franchise and that is why Lego is so freaking awesome today.

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