The Music Room #24: Top 10 Underrated Movie Songs


We know there are a ton of classic movie songs out there from films such as Titanic, all the James Bond films, all the Disney animated features, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Space Jam, The Bodyguard, The Wizard Of Oz, a plethora of others but what about those songs that completely get overlooked from movies, there’s a ton of songs from different movies that get severely overlooked because either the movie was not any good or the movie had no memorability to it.

Today, we’re gonna take a look at 10 of my personal favorite underrated movie songs.

10. Pink, Bridge Of Light, Happy Feet Two

For such a mediocre sequel like Happy Feet Two, I never thought that the highlight would be a song by Pink in the middle of the movie but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t so damn good. It turns this generic sequel around for a good three to four minutes but once that song ends, the movie goes back to being some generic crud. That song lifts the movie up a notch for those four minutes and it’s an underrated song.

9. Barry Manilow & Sheena Easton, Now & Forever, The Pebble & The Penguin

From one of Don Bluth’s more overlooked movies that was actually kind of good, I’ve already talked about that in a review in the past. This song is a really solid number that was really good within the film itself and this duet with Manilow & Easton shown in the end credits was as solid and well done.

8. Bosson, One In A Million, Miss Congeniality

Yeah, I know the movie was a hit when it was released in 2000 and it’s a decent comedy but this song, in particular, stands out the most to me and it’s really the best part of that whole film. The song is just so catchy and this singer, Bosson, is really talented, it sucks that he never really got a second hit or a chance to break out as a singer because the dude has talent and it shows here that he can sing.

7. Meghan Trainor, Better When I’m Dancin’, The Peanuts Movie

Who would’ve guessed a pop song for The Peanuts Movie by Meghan Trainor would actually live up to be pretty damn good. Again, the movie was a hit but I feel it’s underrated because you still have those people that think a song like this shouldn’t belong in a Peanuts film by the singer of All About That Bass and Lips Are Movin’ but if you really listen to this song and then go back to the Rod Mckuen song from A Boy Named Charlie Brown, they are both very much in the same tone of what you’d expect in the Peanuts universe, there’s nothing about this song that’s out of the norm for the Peanuts except the fact that it’s Meghan Trainor, if it had been any other singer that didn’t have that name recognition, it would’ve been fine for most people but because it’s Trainor, they’re still looking at it as “oh, pop song, clearly the song sucks.”

6. Darlene Love, All Alone On Christmas, Home Alone 2: Lost In New York  

The song from Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, All Alone On Christmas is another excellent holiday song from the legendary Darlene Love that doesn’t get as much airplay during the holidays than I think it should.

5. Donna Summer, The Power Of One, Pokémon: The Movie 2000

You wouldn’t think a song from a Pokémon movie would be one of the more underrated songs in feature films but give a talent like Donna Summer a chance to come up with a song and you have a really damn good song to work with. If Herman Cain, a presidential nominee, is using it to get himself elected, it’s got some lasting power.

4. Dolly Parton & James Ingram, The Day I Fall In Love, Beethoven’s 2nd

Even though this song got nominations for an Oscar and a Golden Globe, it’s a song that surprisingly works for a mostly mediocre sequel.

3. Kenny Loggins, Nobody’s Fool, Caddyshack II

Speaking of songs from inferior sequels, this was actually the best thing about Caddyshack II, it’s another great Kenny Loggins movie song that gets heavily overlooked compared to what he did with Top Gun and the first Caddyshack in that same decade of the 80s.

2. Sam Smith, Writing’s On The Wall, Spectre 

Screw the haters, I still friggin’ love this song. It’s Sam Smith at his best doing what he does best AND it was the only great thing about that pile of shit, Spectre.

and the #1 underrated movie song of all time is…

Cleopatra, Right Back Where We Started From, An Extremely Goofy Movie

Hard to believe that the soundtrack of A Goofy Movie has so many memorable songs attached to it but it’s even harder to believe that the direct-to-video sequel actually has a cover song that’s not only as good as the original song but I’d be controversial to say that it’s slightly better than the original song by Maxine Nightingale. I know, I’m expecting everyone to tell me I’m crazy but honestly, listening to this song again recently, I’m shocked at how many times I’ve played this song over and over again, has to be close to 100 times.

It really is a good version of this song, almost as good if not slightly better than the original song and that original song is such a classic. This definitely is the most underrated movie song out there.

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