TV Showcase #97: Girls #25: Only Child


Only Child, the 5th episode of season three and the 25th overall, was first broadcasted on February 1, 2014 with a script by Murray Miller and directed by Tricia Block.

Hannah attends David’s funeral and learns from his wife that her eBook deal is dead, and worse still, cannot access her ebook from David’s company for three years. Meanwhile, Jessa goes looking for work, while Marnie goes to Ray looking for advice over Charlie, which results in a brief lovemaking session. Elsewhere, Caroline and Adam angrily air out their frustrations with each other. Later, due to the mounting tension, Hannah kicks Caroline out of the apartment after finally seeing just how deranged and irresponsible Caroline really is.

A really good episode, a lot of great tension and a good mix of comedy and drama thrown in here.

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