The Following Preview… #66: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2


Source: Marvel Studioos

All right, folks, the brand new Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer is here, it opens May 5, 2017…let’s take a look:

I mean, at this point, what else is there to say about this one? It looks like a ton of fun and most notably, it looks like they have let James Gunn pretty much do whatever he wants with this franchise with how successful the first Guardians was and sure enough, it looks pretty fucking fun as hell.

The scenes with Baby Groot alone are great and if this is done right, Baby Groot will be the breakout star of this film and it’s just hilarious to hear a high pitched Vin Diesel constantly screaming I Am Groot.

The other highlight comes at the very end with that scene with Mantis where she’s checking Star Lord’s feelings and basically reveals he’s in love with Gamora and Dave Bautista as Drax just losing it and laughing, I don’t know why but I just found that scene so friggin’ hilarious because Bautista usually comes off as that person where you would never suspect him to give such a comedic performance like that and I think that’s why I found it so damn funny.

Everything else, there’s cool looking action shots, we still don’t have a real sense on what the plot for this will be and that could mean that there really isn’t one or they are keeping it secret but you know what, it’s Marvel Studios, if you have any doubts of their ability to produce good movies at this point, then please go back to enjoying your disappointing DC Extended Universe and let us enjoy what we have now.

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