Arrow & The Flash #63: Arrow #101: What We Leave Behind / The Flash #55: The Present


The Present, the 9th episode of The Flash season three, was written by Lauren Certo from a story by Aaron & Todd Helbing and directed by Paris Barclay.

Barry asks Jay Garrick for help against Savitar. The two heroes locate and defeat Alchemy and return his weapon to its box, causing Savitar to disappear before it can kill Jay. Discovering Julian to be Alchemy, Barry reveals his own identity to him to get further information. Julian relates how he located the Philosopher’s Stone following a vision of his dead sister, and that he has been having blackouts ever since. Savitar manifests through Cisco using visions of Dante and fights Barry and Wally, but Caitlin manages to convince Cisco to close the box again. The team communicates with Savitar through Julian, who claims that Barry, in the future, will imprison him. He also says that one teammate will betray them, another will “fall”, and a third will suffer a fate worse than death. Trying to end Savitar’s threat, Barry and Jay throw the box into the Speed Force, but in the process, Barry is thrown five months into the future and witnesses Savitar killing Iris. Jay advises Barry that the future is not fixed. Wally is given his own “Kid Flash” uniform, Julian gets Barry’s job back for him, and Barry rents a new apartment for himself and Iris.

Interesting developments here as the series continues to play around with the idea of time travel as we get a lot of interesting setpieces and action sequences that may be leading to something much bigger and more epic going into the new year.

What We Leave Behind is the 9th episode of Arrow season five with a script by Wendy Mercie & Ben Schwartz and directed by Antonio Negret.

Prometheus obtains further intel about the team from Evelyn. He then attacks and hospitalizes Curtis, injecting him with a tuberculosis drug developed by Justin Claybourne, a corrupt pharmaceutical manufacturer named on Oliver’s former kill list. Flashbacks show that Oliver killed Claybourne after discovering that he financed a TB epidemic, then raised the price on his drug to boost his company’s profits. When the team tracks down Prometheus, Evelyn reveals her true allegiance and escapes with Prometheus. Investigating Prometheus on his own, Billy sends information he discovers to Felicity just before the villain captures him. The information turns out to be about Claybourne’s illegitimate son, who may now be seeking retribution. Oliver deduces that Prometheus is at Claybourne’s former office building and goes there alone. He finds that Prometheus has staged it to resemble Oliver’s prior attack. Oliver kills a man dressed as Prometheus, only to discover he has actually killed a gagged Billy, whom the real Prometheus set up as himself to trick Oliver. As the episode ends, Curtis’s husband Paul leaves him over Curtis’ being a vigilante; Felicity mourns Billy’s death; Diggle is recaptured by the Army; and Oliver finds Laurel Lance alive and well inside the lair.

A good episode, could’ve used a little more story development but it does get its’ job done well for the most part.

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