TATM Classics #156: Wanted & Warm Bodies


WANTED *** (2008)

In the movie based on the graphic novel by Mark Millar, Wesley Gibson (played by James McAvoy) is an average ordinary guy whose life sucks (he has a s–tty boss, his best friend is f—ing his girlfriend, and he has to take pills for his anxiety) until Angelina Jolie shows up and tells him that his father was part of The Fraternity of Assassins led by Morgan Freeman. Over the film, he learns how to become a super assassin just like his father up to a big twist in the film. Overall, it’s not terrible, it’s not awesome. Just all right. The action sequences are all worth it but there’s too many small bumps in the film that cause it to go badly. At least you get a butt shot from Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman trying to be like Samuel L. Jackson, and some bad-ass action sequences. The film really reminds me of 300, Beowulf, & Shoot Em Up if you put them in a blender and made a bad ass action movie. It all depends on whether or not you’re really excited for this movie.

WARM BODIES **** (2013)

The film focuses on the development of the relationship between Julie, a young woman, and “R”, a zombie, and how their eventual romance develops throughout. The film is noted for displaying human characteristics in zombie characters, and for being told from a zombie’s perspective.

For the most part, I really liked this movie. I thought it was cute, it was very creative, and for the most part, it’s a solid movie.

The chemistry between stars Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer feels very real and both of them play off each other great. As do Hoult and Rob Corddry, who actually gives a great performance in the film. And the two of them don’t have a whole lot of dialogue to work with because…well, they’re zombies.

The visuals are pretty effective on the Bonies, it doesn’t look fake and it looks completely realistic.

The humor and comedy is also very well done, credit that to Jonathan Levine, who made one of my favorite movies of 2011, 50/50.

I do have one flaw and that’s how the zombies change over the course of the film. They don’t really explain why it’s because of R’s feelings for Julie that all of these zombies are changing back into normal beings. I don’t know if they explain it in the book that the movie is based on why the zombies change but if the book does explain it, can somebody let me know?

Anyway, for the most part, Warm Bodies is a solid romantic comedy that is on the same creative and unique level that Shaun Of The Dead pulled nearly 10 years ago. It really doesn’t have any major flaws with it except for the one that I mentioned and it’s actually up there with Side Effects and The Last Stand as my favorite movie of the year.

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