The Following Preview… #69: Spider-Man: Homecoming


Source: Sony Pictures

Jimmy Kimmel Live revealed the brand new trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, opening July 7, 2017:

All right, that was awesome….that’s pretty much the most I could say about this and…yeah, it was awesome.

I definitely do like a lot of what I’m seeing here, I do like that this Spider-Man movie really is trying to deliver a lot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s equivalent of a John Hughes movie as the writers had said before…which begs the question if their intention was to make a John Hughes like Spider-Man movie, then why the hell didn’t the Vacation remake work?

So, what do I like about this trailer? I did really like the school scenes and I did like that the writers did get a lot of inspiration from those John Hughes classics films from the 80s for those school scenes that we get here.

Tom Holland once again looks like he’s more than primed for Spider-Man and he’s definitely got that fun attitude that Spider-Man should have as a character. I also like how Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark is being brought in here to essentially be sort of the father figure to Peter that he never had, the scenes with Downey Jr. and Holland all work really well here. I also liked the stuff with Michael Keaton as the bad guy, I hope they use him well in this.

But let’s talk about the big moments in this trailer that everybody will be talking about, the wing suit and that final shot. First, the wing suit, it does look really cool to see Spidey jumping in the air with those webbings coming out of his suit and it just leads to so many possibilities that could be done in this. And then, you’ve got that epic shot at the very end where Tony Stark and Peter Parker are flying in the air in the Iron Man & Spider-Man suits all around New York City, my god, what a great, great shot to sell audiences to the film…but that also begs the question of why they are selling one of the coolest shots of the trailer for a film that’s not coming out for another 8 months. Remember, folks, this is Sony distributing this movie, not just Marvel, so they’re gonna have control over the marketing and the promotion for this movie which means they could very well sell the audience on some of the key shots and key moments in the trailer alone, that does have me worried a little bit.

Despite that, this is a very good trailer delivering a movie that will hopefully give Spider-Man a proper treatment and debut into the Marvel Cinematic Universe…just don’t fuck it up, Sony, that’s all I’m begging you to do.

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