TATM: Talkin’ About The Movies #242: 1997: The Year In Movies


1997, what a year that was, from its’ rocky start to the thriving end when a little James Cameron project suddenly swept the box office when nobody saw it coming at all. No, really, nobody saw Titanic becoming the gigantic hit it eventually became, they were expecting to fail miserably because it was planned originally for a Summer 1997 release date but got pushed back because of reshoots and production troubles. When it came out, nobody thought it would be a hit but not only was it a massive hit but it became the highest grossing movie of all time for 12 years straight. I know, hard to believe.

So, did Titanic make the cut of the best movies released in 1997? Well, let’s take a look and find out:

10. George Of The Jungle

Who would’ve ever thought that a live-action adaptation of George Of The Jungle would work as well as this does? It’s clear that everybody on board knows what kind of a movie this is and it just all comes together so well, so many great laugh-out-loud moments in this movie and one of the few really solid Brendan Fraser films.

9. Private Parts

One of the smartest satirical comedies ever made, Howard Stern surprisingly plays himself really well and Paul Giamatti’s excellent in this supporting turn and has some of the funniest lines of the whole film.

8. In & Out

A really funny over the top comedy from director Frank Oz with a great leading role by Kevin Kline.

7. Cop Land

Coming off a string of notable flops in the mid 90s, Cop Land showcases the reason why we love Sylvester Stallone as an actor, playing Sheriff Heflin, Stallone really did give a phenomenal performance in this and you need to be great to play off against Robert De Niro and Stallone does just that.

6. Liar Liar

Jim Carrey’s best straight-up comedy. If you don’t laugh at the scene where he’s kicking his own ass in the bathroom, you have no soul.

5. The Game

David Fincher’s follow-up to Seven with Michael Douglas in the lead and it’s just as much of an exciting mystery with a twist you never see coming as Seven was.

4. Boogie Nights

Paul Thomas Anderson at his absolute best, a great cast led by Mark Wahlberg, that great 70s feel to the film, great music, great visual look a solid, solid movie.

3. Men In Black

Thanks to being bolstered by the perfect chemistry between its’ stars Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, great comedy, great action, pretty damn spectacular villains, and a lot of really clever material, it went on to become a success on the level of the original Ghostbusters and made stars out of Will Smith and director Barry Sonnenfeld, although he was already making his name well known as a director with The Addams Family movies and Get Shorty, Men In Black put him on the map.

2. L.A. Confidential

A beautifully done film noir in the style of the classic noirs of the 30s and 40s. A lot of great tension and great drama that works to a tee.

and the #1 best movie of 1997 is…

Jackie Brown

I use the same statements I used to talk about Pulp Fiction on Jackie Brown as well, great, great movie. Great cast, great characters, great action, great comedy, great dialogue, it’s just great entertainment.

Those are the best, now what about the worst?

10. Dante’s Peak

Cliché ridddled as all hell, there is nothing worthy about this movie except the visuals but remember folks, visuals do not make the fucking movie especially this true disaster of a movie.

9. Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Thought the first Power Rangers movie was as stupid as you can get? Well, luckily, they made a sequel that’s even stupider and even more ridiculous.

8. Air Bud

I don’t care if there isn’t a rule that says a dog can’t play basketball, that doesn’t excuse the stupidity of this piece of garbage. No, really it’s a piece of garbage, it makes no sense at all, it’s stupid, it’s not funny, it’s cliché riddled, it’s a bad movie.

7. Flubber

Yet another bad Disney live-action movie from this timeperiod, such a terrible remake this is, has nothing to do with the original movie and features a ton of really lame attempts at comedy.

6. One Night Stand

What a waste of talented actors on a cliché riddle script by Joe Estzerhas and one of the worst twists of any movie of recent memory.

5. Batman & Robin

Batman & Robin is without a doubt the worst Batman movie because there is just way too much stuff going on, the casting is preposterous, the puns are pointless, the action scenes aren’t shot well, it’s just a really bad Batman movie and while it ain’t the worst movie ever made, it still ain’t a good movie by any means. So, yeah, even though I just said that Batman & Robin is not one of the worst movies ever made, I still didn’t like it.

4. Spawn

Oh god, the visual effects….OH GOD, THE VISUAL EFFECTS!!!!

If you’ve ever wanted to see some of the worst visual effects ever put to screen, here you go…by the way, everything else about this movie sucks too, such a waste of Michael Jai White’s talents.

3. The Lost World: Jurassic Park

It’s so terrible, this whole movie is nothing but a retread of the first film except worse.

The whole movie is riding on Jeff Goldblum’s character from the first movie and that’s pretty much it. The rest of the cast, a talented cast, is wasted in here, the motivations of both the heroes and villains are messed up, the heroes ended up doing more damage than the bad guys are. And it just gets so ridiculous with some of the shit they get away with it, need I remind people of the scene where a little girl, with gymnastics, kicks a raptor out of a building, that’s how lame this gets, folks.

The only good thing about is the effects still work and the final scene in San Diego is still good but other than that, it’s terrible. It’s Spielberg’s worst movie as a director by far.

The Lost World is a terrible, terrible sequel, plain and simple.

2. Zeus & Roxanne

What’s stupider than a dog playing basketball? A dog that can talk to dolphins? What the hell were they thinking with this movie? This has to be one of the dumbest ideas for a movie ever made and there’s absolutely nothing of noteworthiness about it.

and the #1 worst movie of 1997 is…


I mean, what the fuck else do I have to say about this movie, it’s just awful. There’s nothing noteworthy about this shit, the title character isn’t the main focus of the film, Shaquille O’Neal’s not even trying to act in this, the rest of the cast is wasted, the villains are dumbasses, the script is terrible, and for a movie that’s only 97 minutes long, it feels like it goes on forever.

You can see why the superhero film crashed and burn for a bit before Marvel came into the picture and it would take DC eight years to finally regain some composure in the big budget superhero movies but not before adapting some more of their lesser known comics and graphic novels but with much better success, as we’ll see when we get to our next movie.

But, yeah, Steel’s without a doubt one of the worst superhero movies ever made. That’s all I have to say.


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