My Take On… #216: Who Were The Breakout Stars Of 2016?


Well, 2016 is edging closer and closer to being over and quite frankly, thank god because my god, what a bad year this was…but we’ll save that for the last post of the year to explains why 2016 was such a shitty year. But in every year, good or bad, there are things to admire. In this case, we’re taking a look at the breakout stars of the year because every year, there are going to be those stars that breakout in a gigantic way. So, who were the breakout stars for 2016? Let’s take a look:

Samantha Bee — Breaking ground this year as the first female late night host in years, the former Daily Show star broke out big with Full Frontal, a late night comedy show that gets its’ laughs by being brutally honest about the biggest stories in the world. A welcome breathe of fresh air for a year that also included brutally honest late night comedy from Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Larry Wilmore, Seth Meyers, and John Oliver.

Issa Rae — Lot of great shows centering around African Americans this year, Black-ish, The Carmichael Show, and Insecure featuring a breakout new star in Issa Rae, really funny, really clever, she’s got that great comedic timing of Lena Dunham and Mindy Kaling styles and she’s got a solid future ahead of her.

Ruth Negga — Breaking out with big roles in Preacher and Warcraft and currently in Loving with Joel Edgerton, Negga has become a really solid actress on the brink of branching out big in 2017.

Kate McKinnon — Ladies & gentlemen, your next SNL star to become a movie star right here. What a great year McKinnon had, a great turn as Hilary Clinton on SNL, one of the best parts of the Ghostbusters reboot, voice roles in both The Angry Birds Movie AND Finding Dory, she just needs to pick the best roles to further her career in the new year and she’ll probably have what it takes to be the new Kristen Wiig.

Chrissy Metz — Yes, I’m starting to finally get into This Is Us and I will honestly say that after six episodes, the show has begun to grow on me after I really didn’t like the manipulative BS they try to pull in those first six episodes but hey, it has gotten better, much better, and one of the reasons is that Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate, really holds the show together, this is an actress who hopefully can branch out big in the year to come.

Kylie Binbury — Speaking of breakout stars in new shows, the leading star of Pitch is on her way to becoming a really great actress to come, she’s wonderful on Pitch, a show that needs to get more attention as it is one of the best shows of the year.

Margot Robbie — Now I know what you’re thinking and yes, Margot Robbie has been around for a number of years but 2016 was a really good year for her starring in several big movies, the extremely underrated Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, the surprisingly fun The Legend Of Tarzan, and Suicide Squad where her Harley Quinn was the best part of the movie.

Angourie Rice — A great breakout performance in one of the year’s best movies, The Nice Guys, her performance shows off a lot of potential as a young actress to come in the new year.

Ruby Barnhill — Another breakout actress this year in The BFG, she does an excellent job keeping up with Mark Rylance and one can wonder what will be next for her to come.

Caitrona Balfe — Already getting word of mouth buzz from her role on Starz’s Outalnder, Balfe was one of the big surprises that stood out in this year’s really solid Money Monster and I would really love to see her get more work in the new year.

Tom Holland — Marvel Studios has delivered again to give us the Spider-Man we’ve been waiting to see for years, a breakout turn for Holland in Captain America: Civil War as the webslinger finally gets the character right and judging by this brand new trailer, Holland’s gonna have a big boost to his career when Homecoming comes out next summer.

Riz Ahmed — A great turn in HBO’s really solid miniseries, The Night Of…, and hopefully another big breakout performance coming up in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Ahmed is finally getting a big boost in his career in a good way.

Lin-Manuel Miranda — The creator of Hamilton is having a really good year especially since leaving the show for Hollywood and now that he’s part of the Disney powerhouse, and already creating a big boost with an excellent soundtrack for the movie, Moana, and soon to be seen in the upcoming Mary Poppins reboot. One of the defining performers of our time is on his way to bigger and better things in the new year.

Courtney B. Vance & Sterling K. Brown — Two really great actors who broke out big with roles in American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson and Brown on both Crime Story and This Is Us, these two seasoned actors are making a great comeback in a big, big way and can’t wait to see how they will follow that up in 2017.

Dak Prescott & Ezekiel Elliott — Yeah, athletes are making the breakout list this year. Let’s just look over Sunday’s loss to the Giants, there’s no denying that both quarterback Prescott and running back Elliott have done wonders not only rejuvenating the Dallas Cowboys as a football team taking them to 11 straight wins, a franchise record for them, but also boosting the NFL in a year where ratings have been down.

The cast of Stranger Things — Can’t have a list of the breakout stars of the year without including the gang from Stranger Things. The young kid cast including Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Charlie Heaton, Noah Schnapp, and Sadie Sink is so good on this series, they are the heart of the show and they are the reason why this show has been such a huge success. These kids are definitely going to have a good 2017 not just with the show returning for its’ second season but also hopefully with much bigger things in their future.

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