DC-Ember #109: Justice League: Gods & Monsters


Justice League Gods vs. Monsters Bluray Cover.jpg

In an alternative history Zod is Superman’s father, Batman is a vampiric Man-Bat, and Wonder Woman is the child of Ares, God of War. When these dark heroes form an alliance, the question everyone asks is will they save the world, or rule it?

  • Batman (Michael C. Hall) is Dr. Kirk Langstrom, a scientist who, after graduating college, has inadvertently transformed himself into superhuman pseudo-vampire in an attempt to cure his cancer with a nanite-infused serum, feeding on criminals to satisfy his hunger after it begins to eat away at his humanity.
  • Wonder Woman (Tamara Taylor) is Bekka, a New God and the widow of Darkseid’s son Orion, who fled Apokolips for Earth using a mother box-sword after the New God Highfather ruthlessly killed her husband as part of the massacre of the Apokolips royal family.
  • Superman (Benjamin Bratt) is Hernan Guerra, the genetically-engineered son of General Zod and Lara, who was rocketed to Earth as a child from the doomed planet Krypton following Jor-El’s murder by Zod. Upon his arrival on Earth, Hernan is raised by a family of honorable and hardworking Mexican migrant farmers. Having gone through the troubles that undocumented immigrants face in the United States, he has become short-tempered and withdrawn from humanity with a deep contempt and resentment for authority.

An original storyline written by Bruce Timm & Alan Burnett that surprisingly really does work. I like a lot of the ideas that they had with this movie, having Batman actually be an actual vampire is a cool idea, making Wonder Woman a New God is a nice touch, and having Superman being somewhat of an immigrant and making Zod his father, an idea that should not work by any means but somehow it does work, these are all ideas that work really well and the movie does a great job of convincing us of why such ideas make sense.

The whole premise of the film is that looks can be deceiving, when you look at these three heroes together, you automatically get this sense that these guys are going to turn rogue and cause mayhem but the movie actually wants you to really look at these three and see what they are going thru over the course of the film and decide whether or not they should be the good guys or the bad guys. The ending is pretty obvious what’s going to happen but they do a good job of keeping you in suspense.

The voice work is once again excellent, Michael C. Hall, Tamara Taylor, and Benjamin Bratt are great as the three leads but you also have Jason Issacs as Lex Luthor, Paget Brewster is really good as Lois Lane, and C. Thomas Howell is really good as Dr. Will Magnus along with the rest of the cast.

The animation is nicely done, done in Bruce Timm’s style of animation used in the Justice League series, the music by Frederik Wiedmann is really good, the story works, the voice cast is nicely done, this is a really solid movie, I really want to see more done with these characters in future movies and hopefully, this was a big enough success for DC Animation to continue making stories with them. Probably the best DC Universe animated movie since The Dark Knight Returns.

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