Talking Simpsons #432: Mobile Homer


Mobile Homer, the 13th episode of season 16 and the 348th overall, was first broadcasted on March 20, 2005 with a script by Tim Long and directed by Raymond S. Persi.

Mobile Homer.jpeg

After Homer buys an RV (again) with the family’s insurance money, Marge kicks him out of the house (again) and Bart and Lisa, who worry their parents may get divorced, drive the RV back to the dealers to make sure it does not break up their family.

Oh, yes, welcome to the worst era of The Simpsons, these last few episodes have been pretty bland or just bad and this is definitely a bad one, we’re entering that lull of really bad Simpsons episodes and this is yet another one.

The jokes in this just don’t fly at all and the story itself is really bland too and there’s just nothing here to work with, nothing about this episode makes any sense at all, Marge snaps because they’re uninsurable, Homer buys an RV because…there’s no reason except that Homer is just trying to piss off Marge, Bart & Lisa drive the RV back so that Homer & Marge don’t get divorced, I mean, what the hell is going on here?

Nothing about this episode makes any sense, it’s just one subplot thrown on to another subplot and thrown on to a third subplot and none of it comes together at all, do yourself a huge favor and just skip out on this one, this is a really, really bad one.

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