Arrow & The Flash #65: Arrow #32: Three Ghosts / Legends Of Tomorrow #11: The Magnificent Eight


The Magnificent Eight is the 11th episode of Legends Of Tomorrow, first broadcasted on April 14, 2016 with a script by Marc Guggenheim from a story by Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti and directed by Thor Fruedenthal.

The team travels to Salvation, South Dakota in 1871 to hideout from the Hunters. While Rip decides their next move, the rest of the team goes into town, where they meet Jonah Hex, who knows they are time travelers and once fought alongside Rip in years past. Kendra gets flashbacks from one of her previous lives and goes to investigate, while Ray and the rest of the team head back to town to defend against the Stillwater gang. Kendra and Sara follow the former’s visions to an old woman, who turns out to be the Kendra from that time period. The past Kendra warns her future incarnation not to love a different man, as it will always end in either heartbreak or tragedy. The team goes after the Stillwater gang and captures their leader, Jeb, but Jackson is apprehended as they escape. The team sets up a quick draw duel between Rip and Jeb to barter for Jackson’s life. Rip wins, but the Hunters arrive before the team can leave. They defeat the Hunters, but not before they learn that the Time Masters have sent the “Pilgrim” to kill their younger selves, thus erasing the members from the timeline.

Kind of mediocre for this episode, there’s not a whole lot to work with here, the acting is kind of bleh, the action scenes look nice every once in a while but there’s nothing that truly stands out on its’ own merits.

Three Ghosts, the 32nd episode of Arrow and the 9th of season two, was first broadcasted on December 11, 2013 with a script by Geoff Johns & Ben Sokolowski and a story by Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kriesberg.

Barry manages to save Oliver’s life. The former and Felicity are able to identify and locate Cyrus Gold. While continuing to investigate the death of Cindy’s friend Max, Roy is captured by Cyrus and brought before Blood, who injects him with the serum, called Mirakuru, which kills Roy. Oliver arrives and kills Cyrus, simultaneously destroying the centrifuge and the remaining serum. The former revives Roy, but worries that the serum may affect him negatively. Slade is revealed to be alive in the present and the one orchestrating Blood’s work; he orders Blood to leave the vigilante alone, so that he can deal with him personally. While Roy recovers at the Queen mansion, the serum injection heals the arrow wound in his leg. Barry leaves a domino mask for Oliver, to better hide his identity, and returns to Central City. While in his lab, Barry is hit by strange lightning created by an accident at the new particle accelerator lab. In flashbacks, Ivo kills Shado, but flees when Slade turns up with super-human strength and kills his men.

Oh how I wish that title meant we’re gonna get an Arrow Christmas Carol episode but sadly, that’s not what we get here. Again, not that much happens in this episode storywise or characterwise to invoke a lot of interest in what’s going on. Another meh kind of episode.

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