Talking Simpsons #434: Future-Drama


Future-Drama, the 15th episode of season 16 and the 350th episode, was first broadcasted on April 17, 2005 with a script by Matt Selman and directed by Mike B. Anderson.

Through Professor Frink’s future machine, Bart and Lisa see their lives in the year 2013, where Bart steals Lisa’s chances at going to an Ivy League school in order to impress a skater girl named Jenda (voiced by guest star Amy Poehler) while Homer (now separated from Marge and living in an underwater apartment) fights Krusty the Clown after Marge begins dating him.

I give these future episodes a little more credit than most people do because unlike the episodes that showcase the Simpsons’ pasts, they are fucking up the continuity as much as those recent past episodes do. Now does that mean many of the future episodes are good, well, not really. Lisa’s Wedding is a classic episode, Bart To The Future is not the best episode but certainly not one of the absolute worst episodes like most people say, Holidays Of Future Passed is an excellent episode, Days Of Future Future is okay, and Simpsorama is pretty good. This one is kind of in the middle.

There are definitely funny moments in here, the Bender appearance was more than welcomed:

And I did like a lot of the chemistry between Bart and Jenda and some of the jokes actually do get some good laughs. But on the other hand, there’s not that much of a sustainable story to carry the episode through. It’s got some decent gags, some nice animation, and good character development but overall, this one is just run of the mill.

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