My Take On… #218: Why Did 2016 Suck?


Well, we’re only five days away from the end of 2016 and I think I can speak for everybody when I say that…my god, was 2016 a bad year?

I mean, good lord, I think the Mayans got the end of the world wrong, it wasn’t 2012 when the world came to an end, 2016 just felt like the year the universe just said, ‘fuck you, here’s every single possible bad thing that could happen all rolled into one.’ I mean, geez, what happened to make us get to this point? Why did 2016 suck so badly?

Where do you even begin? Well, for starters, sexism came back with a vengeance this year from the Ghostbusters reboot being trashed before the movie even came out, even though the actual movie was actually not that bad, certainly was a lot funnier than that piece of shit Bad Moms was…but we’ll save that for the worst of 2016 list. You then had just these stupid arguments being made about sexism and how some things can’t be done because a woman is behind it all. And we can save the obvious example of that for later on.

Another thing, constant death, the devil must’ve made a bet with God about how many people he can kill because good lord, guess how many famous celebrities have died this year so far? Over a hundred celebrity deaths ranging from actors to musicians, Alan Rickman, Prince, Joe Alaskey, Muhammad Ali, Gene Wilder, Alan Thicke, John Glenn, Anton Yelchin, Garry Shandling, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Doris Roberts, just yesterday, George Michael, I mean, mother of god, what is going on here? And there’s still five more days left this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were building up the biggest death of the year like they are saving the worst one for last. And you would think that maybe 2017 would mean a lack of death but honestly, I’m not so sure, I just have that feeling that 2017 may be just as bad if not, worst, with how many celebrities get killed off, that’s just how uncomfortable a year it has been.

There are so many other things that has made this year so bad but let’s be honest, the biggest fuck you of 2016 has been the presidential election, I mean, my god, that was a torturous run we went on and it ended on the most unfortunate of all circumstances with a president who spent a majority of the last decade as a friggin’ reality star. When Donald Trump first announced his presidency back in 2015, we all laughed and scoffed at the idea but then, the idiots of America bought his bullshit and now, he’s our next president, which basically tells us that you can be the biggest scumbag, racist, sexist, homophobic asshole on the face of the planet and somehow, you can still win the presidency by creating your own fiction of how the world is represented. This was an election that was on feelings, not facts and it’s depressing.

The biggest problem with this election was that there was nobody that anybody really wanted to vote for as president, there wasn’t that Barack Obama candidate this year, Bernie Sanders seemed like he would’ve been the perfect candidate to keep the democrats in the white house but no, they entrusted Hilary Clinton as the candidate for the democrats and Trump as the Republican candidate and because Trump is a household name, the people who voted went to him…well, okay, let’s be honest, the only reason he won was because he won the electoral college vote and not the popular vote. Clinton won the popular vote by 3 friggin’ million votes and yet Trump wins the presidency on a technicality…and the possibility of other countries involved but you probably got that already…and what’s worst is that, many bought into his bullshit, they bought everything he said and they gloated about it instead of actually considering what his election as president will do to this country.

The people who had been saying for a long time that this was a bad idea never saw the full consequences of this until Election Night, everybody was set to celebrate Clinton as the first female president and it felt like it was going to happen, things seemed like they were going into her direction but even as the president said today on The Axelrod Files podcast, they may have gotten too overconfident. You see as the night began, you didn’t really get that feeling the wind was changing over to Trump even as he was winning those first few states. The obvious understanding was “hey, it’s early on, by 11, Hilary will win.” Well, 11 came around and by that point Trump was already leading by a huge number, it wasn’t until 11:30 when you just started to see all the people on CNN and NBC News slowly starting to realize “oh, shit, Donald Trump is gonna be our new president.” And then by 3am, it was pretty much a Trump win made and the following morning, you just got this strange eerie shock over the world about what had just transpired. It says something when the late night hosts can take something like a presidency and treat it like a 9/11 style event had happened. You kept hearing all these stories about how parents were telling their kids that you should never act like Trump or that his actions are not acceptable or just these families coming together and talking about how they were shocked at the results. It was just this odd feeling all over the world and yes, I know there are going to be people who are gonna say “hey, give him a chance” but really, after hearing about who his cabinet is going to be, I really don’t know how to feel about this and it just summed up everything that was wrong in 2016.

But let’s be honest, as bad of a year 2016 has been, there have been things about this year to admire and be proud off.

In the sports world, we saw one of the great NFL quarterbacks, Peyton Manning, lead the Denver Broncos all the way to Super Bowl 50 where they trounced over the 15-1 Carolina Panthers to win the third Super Bowl for the team thanks to a spectacular defense and capped off an 18 year career for Manning, upsets like that are great to have.

Case in point, Villanova winning the College Basketball championship in the very last second of the game:

An NBA legend in Kobe Bryant capped off his legendary run in the NBA as a Los Angeles Laker after 20 years scoring a season high 60 points in the last game against the Utah Jazz.

Speaking of the NBA, Cleveland broke its’ sports curse this year when the Cleveland Cavaliers were able to win their first NBA National Championship for the very first time after starting the finals 1-3. Later that year, Cleveland was back in the sports spotlight as they went back to the World Series in the MLB but we’ll delve a little more to that later and Cleveland Browns….well, they won their first game of the season on Christmas Eve.

And speaking of that World Series, Harry Caray’s long prediction that the Chicago Cubs were gonna win the World Series finally came true:

And on November 2, 2016:

Lastly, the NFL, despite its’ consistent problems that we’ve talked about in the past, has seen the return of some of the most historic franchises returning to prominence, the Oakland Raiders, the New York Giants, the Miami Dolphins, the Atlanta Falcons, and of course, the Dallas Cowboys, all are in the playoffs this year, all have had excellent seasons and have created many new stars in the process such as Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott.

There’s been a lot of great new movies and TV shows that came out this year, we talked about the best movies of 2016 yesterday and the best TV shows of 2016 on Friday, network television came back in a big way this year with great stuff from Fox’s The Exorcist to ABC’s Speechless. We saw the first really great R rated superhero movie in Deadpool, Disney came out strong this year, animated films as a whole this year were all pretty solid. The whole year has been really solid for movies and television as a whole.

There’s no denying from anybody that this year was a rough year for everybody, we’ve been through a lot of really bad things this year and our future as a civilization always seems like it’s going to be in jeopardy but with the events that have transpired in this year, it’s hard to tell where things are going to go from here. The important thing is that you can never really predict what is going to happen, you never know who’s gonna die, who’s gonna do something horrible, what tragic event will happen next but the important thing to remember is that, things happen, it’s a part of life, we can’t always have things go our way or change the outcome of certain events unless a lot of people agree with you or there is a way to change it. Something you just have to grin and bear the unfortunate things in our world.

We can all agree 2016 sucked as a year and we can hope that 2017 will be a better year for everybody in the world and with the world itself because as we’ve seen this year, 2016 has been nothing but a bad, bad year. This is one year I think many of us can afford to forget.

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