Talking Simpsons #435: Don’t Fear The Roofer


Don’t Fear The Roofer, the 16th episode of season 16 and the 351st overall, was first broadcasted on May 1, 2005 with a script by Kevin Curran and directed by Mark Kirkland.

Sick of being unwanted, Homer befriends a man who works as a roofer (guest star Ray Romano). However, no one else can see him and Homer’s insistence that the roofer does exist prompts everyone to think he has gone crazy.

Dont Fear the Roofer.jpg

This is another one of those episodes where they make the guest star the main focus of the episode and when it starts, it’s actually kind of good, Ray Romano does a very good job playing this role and a lot of the episode does work really well…and then the third act comes around and this third act…wow, do they struggle to find a way to keep this afloat.

They throw this out of the blue subplot about Homer made up the Ray Romano character because he’s tired of being unwanted and it’s just like…come on, man, the writer really stretches this out to a ridiculous point where it gets too ridiculous even for The Simpsons, it’s like they had Ray Romano as a roofer and….that was it, that was the only real plot they had available for this one so they just made stuff up as they went along and you can’t do that, even in animation, you need to make some sense on an actual story all around.

And because of that, this really strong episode starts very strong but just careens off a hill faster than the train in Back To The Future Part III at 88 MPH because, my god, it’s a poorly executed and poorly handled final act. Such a wasted opportunity of an episode.

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