TATM Classics #159: We’re The Millers, What Happens In Vegas, Where The Wild Things Are & Winnie The Pooh


It’s the final week of TATM Classics so from now until New Years, you’re getting the final classic reviews from the Spill days so let’s begin with:

WE’RE THE MILLERS *** (2013)

After being robbed of a week’s take, small-time pot dealer David (Jason Sudekis) is forced by his boss (Ed Helms) to go to Mexico to pick up a load of marijuana. In order to improve his odds of making it past the border, David asks the broke stripper Rose (Jennifer Aniston) and two local teenagers (Emma Roberts & Will Poulter) to join him and pretend they’re on a family holiday.

As with every summer, there has been a ton of R-rated comedies opening up including The Hangover Part III, The Heat, and This Is The End.

Out of all of them, This Is The End is still my personal favorite out of all the movies that had opened up before I saw We’re The Millers.

So, how does We’re The Millers fare up?

While I won’t say it’s as funny as This Is The End or the next movie we’ll talk about, We’re The Millers has a lot of fun, over the top moments that work out so well.

Jason Sudekis is hilarious in this and he proves that he has a really good future in movies if he keeps getting these types of leading roles. It’s good to see Jennifer Aniston steering away from awful romantic comedies to take on this role as a stripper and she also leads to some of the film’s funnier moments.

Emma Roberts & Will Poulter both provide some great laughs as the sister and brother and especially, Ed Helms as Sudekis’ boss, who has some of the funniest lines in the movie.

In addition, we get some really hilarious moments with Kathryn Hahn and Nick Offerman as the other family that the Millers come across. Offerman is one of the highlights of the film, especially if you’re like me and just heard him as the voice of Axe Cop before going to see the film and seeing how notably different both roles are.

The comedy is really good in here and unlike that piece of shit Hangover Part III, a lot of the jokes that were in the trailers do pay off in the movie itself. The joke involving the “baby” getting run over is hilarious but the scene where Kenny (Poulter) gets bitten in the testicles by a spider is perfectly built up and when they actually show the payoff, it’s the funniest scene in the entire film to me because of how perfect the timing is on it.

Granted, some bits did go a little too long like the whole kiss scene, that went on way too long and did nothing but to create conflict between Kenny and Offerman and Hahn’s daughter, who looked like a really young Scarlett Johnasson in North to me.

Overall, I really liked a lot of We’re The Millers. There are parts of it that go on too long or feel unnecessary to the story but compared to some of the other R-rated comedies we’ve gotten this summer, this one succeeds on its’ silly over the top humor, it’s great characters, and great jokes that pay off. Not on the level of This Is The End or the next movie I’ll review but it’s still entertaining.


Ashton Kutcher & Cameron Diaz are two normal people with similar problems, they can’t believe how their lives have been ruined. Diaz has been dumped by her fiancée of four years at a surprise birthday party for him (he’s played by Jason Sudekis of SNL) & Kutcher has lost his job where his boss is his own father (played by Treat Williams). Both along with their pals (Lake Bell & Rob Corddry) decide to pass their troubles away by going to Vegas and after meeting, have a wild night. But, the next morning, Surprise Surprise, they’re married. After going their separate ways, Kutcher hits the jackpot and wins $3 million & Diaz wants it too. They go to Judge Whopper (played by Dennis Miller) to get the marriage annualed but he decides to put them through six months of hard marriage. And Hilarity ensues. This really is an enjoyable romantic comedy and I had a good time in it. Queen Latifah is misused in this movie and should have gotten more screen time. It’s not a classic comedy but it’s an enjoyable one. It’s a date movie. Take your girlfriend or boyfriend to it, the girl is more likely to have a good time.


In the movie based on the classic book by Maurice Sendak, a young boy named Max (played by newcomer Max Records) runs away from home after biting his mother (played by Catherine Keener) during a dinner with her boyfriend (played by Mark Ruffalo) and arrives on an island of creatures led by Carol (voiced by James Gandolfini). Max claims to be a king from another time and becomes the king of the creatures. The other creatures are Judith (Catherine O’ Hara), Ira (Forest Whittaker), KW (Lauren Ambrose), Douglas (Chris Cooper), Alexander (Paul Dano), and The Bull (Michael Berry Jr.) I may sound like that I hated the movie, but I didn’t. However, the first 20 minutes of the film that takes place before Max goes on the island…was awful. I got really scared that this was going to end up being one of the worst movies this year, but then when Max runs away and gets on the boat to go out to sea, the film picked up quickly and I had a great time with the rest of the film, even at the end when he comes back home. Like I said, my main problem with the film was the first 20 minutes. I mean, yeah, it’s supposed to set up when he runs away and why he’s doing it, but during that time, I couldn’t stand it. I thought the mother was being way too cruel and I despised Max during those 20 minutes especially at the very beginning of the film where, out of FUCKIN’ nowhere, he attacks a poor defenseless dog in his own house. And, as much as I can remember, I never saw that dog again which had me thinking, “Did what I think happened actually happened?” and that he might have killed that dog. Maybe that was just me but that’s what it felt like to me. But when Max gets on the island and meets the characters, my mood changed from hating the film to really enjoying it. The best of the creatures was KW, voiced by Lauren Ambrose (somebody who deserves more film work), because her character was somebody who was the sanest of all the creatures and the one who really connected with the kids that were in the audience that I saw the film. That’s not to say I didn’t like some of the other creatures. James Gandolfini as Carol was great and how can you go wrong with Tony Soprano, seriously. Catherine O’Hara, when has she been in a bad movie, Forest Whitaker, sounding like he smoked some pot before he recorded his voiceover but was still great, Chris Cooper, always great. and Paul Dano, great. So, how do I rank this. I don’t think it’s one of the best movies of the year, I don’t think it’s the greatest family movie ever made, I don’t even think it will be remembered fondly as E.T. or Gremlins or other family movies that we still look at today. Overall, I thought it was really great after you get through the first 20 minutes which were ridiculous. Could it have been better? Absolutely. Am I good with the final outcome, Yes.

WINNIE THE POOH **** (2011)

In the film, Winnie the Pooh (voiced by Jim Cummings), Tigger (also voiced by Cummings), Rabbit (Tom Kenny), Piglet (Travis Oates), Owl (Craig Ferguson), Eeyore (Bud Luckey), Kanga (Kristen Anderson-Lopez), and Roo (Wyatt Dean Hall) embark on a quest to save Christopher Robin (Jack Boulter) from an imaginary culprit. The film is based on three stories from A.A. Milne’s original stories. Winnie The Pooh is one of the most enjoyable experiences of a very good summer for movies. It’s a really great film. The animation is top-notch, the voice cast does a nice job especially Jim Cummings, who is one of the greatest voice actors we have living today, and Craig Ferguson, and the music is nicely scored and the songs by Zooey Deschanel are very well done, Deschanel is somebody who’s really underappreciated in terms of acting and as a singer and she does a great rendition of the Winnie The Pooh theme song too. There were two things that bothered me about the film. First off, was the short that played in front of the film ‘The Ballad Of Nessie’, I thought it was very boring. I mean, the animation is nice and Billy Connoly is okay, but besides that, the story and the way it ends is not any good. It felt like a waste of time in my opinion. The biggest thing that bothered me about the film was that it was too short. I read that the film was originally suppose to feature five different stories and I don’t know why they decided to cut it down to three stories. Because of that, the movie is only 63 minutes long, not including ‘The Ballad Of Nessie’ which was 6 minutes. So what we end up with is an only 69 minute movie. I really think that the film should have been longer but who knows, maybe the other two stories they were going to add weren’t as strong as the rest of the film but they could have done something to make the film a longer movie. One of the things that I liked about the Winnie The Pooh series and movies is that they have never been updated or modified for the children of today, they’ve stayed the same way from the very beginning. There was only one point in the series that I felt was kind of going overboard was the Family Tree song from The Tigger Movie where they had satires of the Jerry Springer show and just random pop culture references. Besides that, Winnie The Pooh has stayed the same way and I give credit to Disney for not trying to change the characters for a new generation like what Fox did with Alvin & The Chipmunks, even though I don’t hate those movies, those aren’t the same Alvin & The Chipmunks I grew up with as a kid. Winnie The Pooh is one of the best movies of the year. It’s a sweet and overall enjoyable movie and despite the short running time, the movie is a lot of fun and it’s just great to see the same old Winnie The Pooh we’ve come to love back on the big screen.

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