The Magical World Of Disney #66: Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed In At The House Of Mouse


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Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse is the first direct-to-video animated film spin-off from the Disney Channel animated television series Disney’s House of Mouse.

After everyone is snowed in at the House of Mouse, Mickey suggests they throw their own Christmas party. Everyone is happy, except for Donald who just isn’t in to the Christmas spirit. So Mickey shows a series of cartoons that show just what Christmas is all about. It features a star studded cast of Disney characters from everyone’s favorite animated Disney movies.

Anybody who doesn’t remember House Of Mouse, it was essentially Disney’s version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit in the fact that it was all these characters from the classic Disney animated features we’ve come to know and love all coming together and just hanging out at a fancy night club with cartoons playing as the entertainment, a fun little concept bringing all these classic characters together but nothing really spectacular about it, a good majority of those cartoons were just taken from the Mickey Mouse Works series and there were very rarely any classic cartoons from the golden age.

This movie does have Pluto’s Christmas Tree from 1952 and the DVD debut of Mickey’s Christmas Carol as well.

I mean, the movie itself is okay…not spectacular, not bad…just okay, it does its’ job fine, it’s a competently made movie with some nice shorts playing throughout, there is actually a nice song that plays at the end that’s actually pretty solid:

Other than that, the main story is not really well thought out, Donald isn’t in the Christmas spirit because…we have no idea and they never explain it, Donald is just essentially being Donald and…okay, I understand this is meant for kids but even then, a more concrete story helps out here.

The animation is okay, it’s about on the level of the TV series, only half the shorts are really solid, mostly the older shorts. The newer ones are just meh, The Nutcracker one has some nice moments and some funny gags in there but the whole segment never really comes together as well as I think they wanted it to.

So, overall, the movie is just okay, the older shorts are the one thing about this that holds up well, that and the song, everything else is just kind of meh, not a whole lot of interesting things happen in this but for the little kids, they’ll enjoy this one a lot more than adults would, show it to them this holiday season and they will enjoy it.

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