Actors’ Spotlight #47: Chris Pratt

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Christopher MichaelChrisPratt (born June 21, 1979) is an American actor.

Pratt came to prominence from his television roles, including Bright Abbott in The WB drama series Everwood (2002–2006) and Andy Dwyer in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation (2009–2015). His early film career began with supporting roles in such mainstream films as Wanted (2008), Moneyball (2011), The Five-Year Engagement (2012), Zero Dark Thirty (2012), Delivery Man (2013), and Her (2013).

Pratt achieved leading man status after starring in two commercially successful films in 2014: computer-animated adventure comedy The Lego Movie and Marvel Studios superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy (in which he portrayed Star-Lord). In 2015, he starred in Jurassic World, the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park franchise and his most financially successful film to date, earning $1.6 billion at the box office. Later that year, Time named Pratt one of the 100 most influential people in the world on the annual Time 100 list.

From his early days on Everwood & Parks & Recreation, Chris Pratt just seemed like he had star written on him and this decade, he’s proven more of his worth as an actor in the years…but he’s had his fair share of bad movies over the years and we’ll look at those movies right now:

5. Deep In The Valley

You actually have a good concept for a raunchy comedy about these two guys who end up being transported in a world that acts like a pornographic film, a la Pleasantville, but, oh wait, this went straight-to-DVD, nevermind. This is just as bad as you’d think it would be, nothing creative at all, only getting by by showing nude women and nothing else.

4. Take Me Home Tonight

Speaking of no creativity whatsoever, my god, this was a dull waste of time, a lot of really good comedic actors being wasted on a lackluster script and lack of any funny comedy elements.

3. Movie 43


2. The Five-Year Engagement

Just one gigantic mess of a movie, Jason Segel and Blunt had no chemistry together, the supporting cast of extremely talented comedic actors is wasted, the script is terrible the comedy is awful, it’s a gigantic mess of a movie.

and the #1 worst Chris Pratt movie is…

Bride Wars

Fuck Anne Hatahaway and Kate Hudson in this movie, fuck these characters. How dare you take two good actors and waste them on this pile of shit. You don’t care about these women in this movie because they are acting like spoiled cry babies because of a fucking wedding date. You don’t feel sorry for them, you want to punch the shit out of them for acting like idiots and I shouldn’t have to say that I feel like hitting a woman but that’s how I felt after I watched this shit. There’s nothing clever or cute about this, it’s so mean spirited and painful to watch, it’s amazing that somebody at Fox greenlit this shit.

My god, those are some bad movies but then again, he has done his fair share of good movies, and here they are:

5. Jurassic World

Jurassic World finally gives us the long deserving sequel to such an iconic movie of its’ time, it’s a perfect example of summer escapism entertainment and the best kind of fun you can have at the movies right now. If you’ve been waiting for a good Jurassic Park sequel, Jurassic World is your answer.

4. Zero Dark Thirty

One of the best modern day war movies, Kathryn Bigelow tops herself with this solid and suspenseful war thriller about finding Osama Bin Ladden on the night of his death.

3. Moneyball

The movie that first made me realize that Chris Pratt was a star in the making, he only has a brief part in this movie but he definitely showcased a lot more potential as an actor in this movie.

2. Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy is a movie that could’ve been an all out disaster but thanks to the great direction by James Gunn, a story that doesn’t want to take itself seriously, and a great cast to make it happen, Guardians Of The Galaxy is a good old fashioned fun time at the movies that marks another winner for Marvel.

and the #1 best Chris Pratt movie is…

The Lego Movie

The LEGO Movie is not only the best movie of 2014, not only is it one of the best animated movies ever made, but this movie is one of my new favorite movies ever. This is one of my new favorite movies. This is one of the most perfect movies I’ve ever seen and it’s a movie that you need to see.

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