TATM Classics #162: Wreck It Ralph & You Don’t Mess With The Zohan


WRECK IT RALPH **** (2012)

The film tells the story of the titular arcade game villain (John C. Reilly) who rebels against his role and dreams of becoming a hero. He travels between games in the arcade, and ultimately must eliminate a dire threat that could affect the entire arcade, and one that Ralph may have inadvertently started.

This was a movie that I was very much looking forward to right at the beginning of the year because of its’ very unique premise to it. So, does the film live up to the expectations I had for it?

For the most part, it does.

This movie was a lot of fun and in a very mediocre year for animated movies, it’s up there with Hotel Transylvania as my favorite animated movie of the year.

That being said, the film does have a few flaws to it but not that really destroy my feeling toward the film.

For one thing, the film’s premise basically is that the main character would travel to a series of different video game worlds but in the film, he only travels to three different video games, Pacman, Hero’s Duty and Sugar Rush. I think that it would’ve been more interesting if he had actually gone to some of the more prolific video games that Disney got a hold of like Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, House Of The Dead, and others like that. Maybe in the sequel.

The other thing I didn’t really like is how they tease the villain in the film. There’s a part in the movie where they talk about Turbo, a character from an old game who is notorious for having jealously sabotaged a newer, more popular game, causing both games to be unplugged permanently. And if you listen very closely, you can hear King Kandy’s voice in the character of Turbo but towards the climax, they expect you to be shocked when it’s revealed that King Kandy is actually Turbo. But to me, I sarcastically said, “Wow, what a shocker.” Honestly, this wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t have the same voice that Alan Tudyk had for King Kandy in the character of Turbo. I would’ve liked to see a better villain reveal that the one they gave us here.

Those are the only two main flaws that I have with the movie. Everything else about the movie works really well.

The animation is spectacular, the movie does an incredible job of blending both 3D computer animation and the old and new video game graphics and making it a seamless pairing.

John C. Reilly also does a really great job as the voice of Ralph and it’s amazing that he’s not getting more lead roles because he’s only had two big main lead roles, this and Dewey Cox in Walk Hard and he’s great in both movies. Sarah Silverman also delivers some good laughs as Vanellope as does Jack McBrayer as Fix It Felix Jr., Alan Tudyk as King Kandy, and Jane Lynch as Agent Calhoun.

The story also worked very well to the film and the movie itself runs at a good enough pace. It’s also a great feature directorial debut for Rich Moore, who’s best known for his work on The Simpsons and Futurama.

Probably the most interesting thing about this movie is that it’s more of a Pixar film than what Disney usually does. Which is ironic considering that Brave, while it’s still a good movie, was pretty much more of a Disney princess movie than what Pixar usually does.

Wreck It Ralph is a welcome relief in the slump of very mediocre animated movies released this year. It’s a smartly written, smartly made, well animated original movie. It’s one of the best animated movies I’ve seen all year.


I am a huge Adam Sandler fan, I’ve enjoy every comedy he’s done since Mr. Deeds in 2002. Although, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry could’ve been funnier. It’s like what Tom Cruise said Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards, “While the critics don’t understand the power of the Sand-man, the audience does”. Anyway, in Sandler’s new film, Sandler plays an Iranian arms specialist who hates the 2,000 year old fighting and wants to start a new life in America. Faking his own death, Zohan travels to New York to make his dream as a hair stylist. After a rough start, Zohan gets a job at a Palestine hair salon (led by Emmanuelle Chiriqui from HBO’s Entourage). His methods of cutting hair are like this: He does a bump and grind, he does the hair, & he does the customer. The Zohan is the funniest foreign person to come to America since Borat (and last time I checked there hasn’t been that many). This movie is hilarious, there’s some great cameos from Mariah Carey & Chris Rock and even small cameos by Kevin James & John MacEnroe. What made me laugh the most was WWE announced Michael Buffer as the villain of the film and I’m thinking “What the hell is ‘Get Ready To Rumble’ guy doing here?” It’s a good movie for any Adam Sandler fan and I think you’ll have a great time.

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