Talking Simpsons #436: The Heartbroke Kid


The Heartbroke Kid, the 17th episode of season 16 and the 352nd overall, was first broadcasted on May 1, 2015 with a script by Ian Maxtone-Graham and directed by Steven Dean Moore.

The Heartbroke Kid promo.jpg

Springfield Elementary signs a deal with a snack company to install vending machines in the schools–with Bart taking advantage of the situation to the point that he becomes obese and suffers a heart attack.

Oh, Albert Brooks, thank god you’re here to help give us one of the more enjoyable episodes this season and this really is the bright spot of the season, a very funny over the top good time of an episode boasted heavily on the power of Albert Brooks as Tab Spangler, he just has such a ball playing this role, like Brooks does with every role he does when he associated with The Simpsons, coming up with some of the funniest lines in the entire episode.

Once again, the power of Albert Brooks carries an episode to be more enjoyable than any of the other episodes that have aired this season, this is easily the best of the bunch for this season.

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